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Presenting Holtek's ESK32-100 – HT32F1251(B)/52/53 Development Board


The HT32F125x development board is designed for the HT32F125x series of microcontrollers. The HT32F125x series of microcontrollers contain a variety of peripheral functions such as high speed SAR A/D Converter, Operational Amplifiers, I2C interface, USART interface, SPI interface, Timer Modules, Watchdog Timer, Real Time Clock, Serial Wire Debug Interface etc.. The development board is provided with some specific components to assist with device peripheral function operation such as RS232 connector, USB1.1 device controller, EEPROM, potentiometer and so on.



USB1.1 full speed connection – uses HT45B0K
5V power supply: mini USB connector
RS232 connector
Reset, wakeup and two key buttons
Three LEDs
I2C-compatible serial interface EEPROM
SPI-compatible serial interface Flash
SPI and I2C extended interfaces for LCD display application
PWM output for Buzzer driving
Backup battery
Boot from Flash, SRAM or boot loader
SWD-10P and SWD-20P serial-wire debug port interface

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