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NAC Group Inc. Announces Management Buyout

New CEO JC Connolly says move allows the Florida company to expand its technical sales staff and on-line distribution division.

October 3, 2018

NAC Semi (NAC Group Inc.), Saint Petersburg, Florida, announces that it has undergone a successful management buyout of owner Johnathan Stanton. The acquisition was made by a team of company managers led by NAC’s newly named President and CEO John “JC” Connolly, Chief Operating Officer Joe Sanders, Chief Financial Officer Greg Rogers, Vice President of Sales Shawn Dayton, and Vice President of International Sales David Razawi.

The transaction will enable NAC to enhance its position as a fast growing industry innovator, and transfers ownership and executive management responsibilities to the people who have been operating the business alongside their fellow employees for many years. “A focused business plan and team decision-making at the top will help NAC perform at the highest level,” Connolly says. “In the electronics distribution industry changes happen so quickly it is extremely important that the decision makers are part of the daily operations.”

“The buyout will ensure that our long-term business strategies and day-to-day decisions will serve to enhance NAC’s value to our customers, suppliers, and our employees,” Connolly continued.

The company will expand its sales presence throughout North America and beyond, giving it more leverage in the global marketplace. In addition to the well-established distribution services on which they’ve built their reputation, NAC will be announcing strategic partnerships with key suppliers offering customers unique product design choices.

Connolly adds, “Our management team is grateful for the opportunity we have been presented today to assume ownership of such a great company. We all share a passionate belief in our current direction, our capabilities, and the future of NAC.”

NAC Semi is a global electronic component design services & distribution company. We bridge the gap between the catalog houses and large fulfillment distributors. Our diverse linecard supports the design needs of customers in specific market segments including High-Power applications, Military-Aerospace, Industrial Automation, Electric Vehicles and Alternative Energy. NAC specializes in solutions selling and demand creation distribution services, building mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and suppliers.