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AMIC Releases Ambient Light & Proximity Sensors

Amic Technology announces release of a new product line offering state-of-art, intelligent sensor controllers for the detection of Light and/or proximity. These products are designed to meet the requirements of the display panel, solar UV index detection, presence detection, lighting management, cell phone, and surveillance camera markets.

Amic Technology's sensors detect:

Ambient Light
Detect light intensity (lux)
Detect light spectrum, including human visible light and near Infra-red
Proximity Presence
Detect object presence by means of the Infra-Red reflection light intensity

Product Line Up

Key Features of the ASR8600/8800

High functionality integration in a single chip offering low cost and easy system migration.
Wide light spectrum range coverage
Small form factor for miniature system integration
Very low power consumption (average 25uA) for ALS.
I2C interface with interrupt pin for easy control
High accuracy due to 12-bit ADC and ASC (Auto Scale control)
Exceptional dynamic range of 16-bits and up to 400K lux under high intensity mode. (sensing range 0,0001 Lux to 400K lux for ALS)
Separate 8-bits ADC for Proximity count sensing
Easy crosstalk cancellation done by a single command set
No isolator required reducing mechanical overhead
Infra-red VCSEL (850nm) for ultra low crosstalk noise and low power consumption (12mA for drive current.
Integrated 8-bit ADC for 11 Solar UV Indexes, see table

Key Features of the ASR8601

I2C interface with interrupt pin for easy control
12-bits ADC resolution with ASC (Auto Scale Control) to support 16 bits dynamic range
Very low power consumption (average 25uA) for ALS.
Wide dynamic sensing range from 0,0001 Lux to 120K Lux.
Easy user trimming for overlay correction
Temperature compensation : -40 +85.
Full IR rejection! No additional light-guide, filter or casing is needed to avoid IR interference
Full integrated design, No additional periherall circuitry is required.
Ideal for surveillance camera applications.

Amic ASR series sensors vs the competition

Pin to pin compatible with major suppliers
Different aperture pitch supported
Strong/Smart capability of crosstalk cancellation
No extra isolator needed (reducing mechanical overhead and costs)
Low Power consumption
No blind zone issue
Support black card in zero distance

Ordering Information

Ambient Light Sensor Components Only

Part Number Description Datasheet Buy Samples
ASR8600-N 3.3v , ALS,PS, NIR, SUVI Sensor, 6pins Buy Now!
ASR8601-C 3.3v , ALS Sensor, IR-Cut, 6pins Buy Now!
ASR8800-AA 3.3v , ALS,PS, VCSEL Combo Sensor, 8pins Buy Now!

Evaluation Module Kits

Part Number Description Datasheet Buy Samples
ASRA-00-8600N Main Board + Daughterboard with ASR8600-N Buy Now!
ASRA-00-8601C Main Board + Daughterboard with ASR8601C Buy Now!
ASRA-00-8800 Main Board + Daughterboard with ASR8800 Buy Now!

Bare Daughterboard with Sensor Component

Part Number Description Datasheet Buy Samples
ASRAD-00-8600N Daughter board with ASR8600-N Buy Now!
ASRAD-00-8601C Daughterboard with ASR8601C Buy Now!
ASRAD-00-8800 Daughter board with ASR8800 Buy Now!

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