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Release of 0603AQC Series!

FASTRON just released its 0603AQC wire wound chip inductor series. The 0603AQC was developed to provide a much higher current range compared to the standard ceramic core chip inductors of size 0603 and, in addition, offers a higher Q and a lower DCR.

Enameled copper wire provides the lowest coil resistance, a high Q-factor up to 50 @ 250MHz, and high current capacity up to 3.5A. A silver-palladium-platinum metallization of the terminals leads to excellent lead-free reflow soldering results. The 0603AQC is available in tape or reel packaging with standard packaging quantities of 1000 pieces (packaging form -08), 4000 pieces (packaging form -01) and 15000 pieces (packaging form -04).

An epoxy cap enables automated pick-and-place operation. The 0603AQC series includes 37 inductance values from 3.9nH to 390nH with L tolerances of ±10% and ±5%. Other tolerances are available upon request. The operating temperature range is from -40 to +150°C, including self-heating of the component.

Major applications for the 0603AQC series are in oscillating circuits and signal filtering. This component is approved for automotive applications according to AEC-Q200 standards and is RoHS compliant.