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ASIX Electronics Corp. and NAC are pleased to announce a franchised distribution agreement that for North America and South America.

This recently announced strategic partnership comes at a time of rapid growth for both ASIX Electronics and NAC, and represents a major opportunity for both firms to broaden their market presence.

There is a growing need to add network connectivity into every embedded system. According to the projection from Forrester, by year 2020, the global thing-to-thing Internet business and the current people-to-people Internet business would reach a ratio of 30:1. IOT will realize large-scale popularity and will be developed into a trillion-US-Dollar industry. In other words, the network connectivity of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IOT) communications will be the primary market demand for the embedded networking system for the years to come.

As the demand for M2M and IOT increases in the embedded networking market, ASIX can meet customers' needs for reduced time-to-market and development costs by providing three different embedded Networking solutions. The first solution targets devices with micro-controller, which comes without PCI bus interface, but with a non-PCI or SRAM type interface. In this case, the highly integrated Non-PCI bus Ethernet MAC+PHY controller is used to connect these devices to Ethernet. This solution provides the easiest way to connect the embedded system to the network for the reason that majority of the micro-controller all support Non-PCI local bus interface.

The second solution targets those micro-controllers that already have USB Host interface embedded. In this case, an internal or external USB-to-LAN controller can be used to connect these devices to Ethernet. This solution is suitable for computer peripherals, handheld devices, home electronics and appliances, streaming media, broadband media, and other consumer electronics such as for Notebooks/MIDs/UMPCs/Tablet PCs, USB to Ethernet dongles, cradles/port replicators/docking stations, game consol, digital-home appliances, and any embedded system using a standard USB port.

The third solution is those micro-controllers, which already integrate both Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivities, the so-called single chip SoC solution. This solution makes the devices very compact, and is suitable for home appliances, factory/building automation, industrial equipments, security systems, remote control/monitoring/management, and streaming media applications such as Wi-Fi speakers, iPhone-controlled toys, POS terminals, vending machines, IP camera, Internet radio, automatic meter reading, environmental monitoring systems, network sensors, networked UPS, Serial to Ethernet/Wi-Fi adapters, and Ethernet/Wi-Fi to ZigBee bridges, Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridges, can also find this solution quite attractive in cost, space, and power consumption-wise.

About ASIX

ASIX Electronics Corporation is a leading fabless semiconductor supplier with a focus on networking, communication and connectivity applications. ASIX was founded in May 1995 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and has been listed on Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange (TAIEX code 3169) since November 2009. ASIX specializes in network connectivity solutions and provides Ethernet-centric silicon products such as non-PCI Ethernet controller, USB 2.0 to LAN controller, and network SoC for embedded networking applications. ASIX provides innovative, and yet cost effective products to the customers for emerging communication and networking applications.

About NAC

NAC is a global electronic component design services & distribution company. NAC’s rapidly growing linecard is being assembled to support the design needs of specific market segments including Telecom/Networking, Servers/Storage, Mil-Aero/Hi Rel, Medical, RF/Wireless and Lighting. With resources that begin with Field Sales Engineers and extend to our Global Sales offices, NAC is building an infrastructure that ensures the highest level of service for our customers and authorized suppliers.

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