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NAC joins National Electronic Distributors Association

On June 1st, 2009 NEDA selected NAC to be a Distributor member. Recognized as a progressive, well-managed company, NAC was welcomed as a design services focused supplier that seeks to support second and third tier OEM, ODM, and EMS customers. Vice President of Strategic Sales Joe Sanders remarks, “Having the support of the NEDA organization, through membership, will help NAC get the word out to the OEM/ODM community that there is a new and credible choice on the ever-shrinking list of authorized distributors. There is a real, under-served need for a mid-tier demand creation focused distributor in the US. This distributor must have global presence, broad product linecard, and technical expertise. We are building NAC to be that distributor.” NAC is proud to be affiliated with such a long-standing and respected industry organization, and will work hard to be a benefit to its partners in the electronics manufacturing community.