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NAC is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with VINATech!

VINATech Products

VINATech Products

NAC Announces Distribution Agreement With Vinatech

Vinatech is a world leader in the manufacturing of supercapacitors, providing high quality energy saving devices, including but not limited to Hybrid Super Capacitors and Lithium Hybrid Capacitors. Vinatech also provides Fuel Cell Materials, including Catalyst Support, Pt/C Catalyst, and Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA). They carry out comprehensive Carbon Technology research, resulting in constant, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced future growth. Vinatech produces some of the highest quality products in the market while still maintaining a competitive advantage by offering aggressive pricing and comprehensive support through distributors like NAC. Contact us today for an in depth analysis of your requirements to discover how Vinatech can help.

VINATech Products


Hy-Cap NEO supercapacitor 3.0V Lead terminal Type

Hy-Cap supercapacitor 3.0V Snap In Type

Hy-Cap supercapacitor 3.0V Lead terminal Type

Supercapacitor 2.7V

Hy-Cap NEO supercapacitor 2.7V Lead terminal Type

Hy-Cap NEO VET Series

Hy-Cap supercapacitor 2.7V Snap In Type

Hy-Cap supercapacitor 2.7V Lead terminal Type

Supercapacitor 2.3V(Hybrid Capacitor)

Hy-Cap Hybrid single cell 2.3V Lead terminal Type

Hy-Cap Hybrid 2.3V Snap-in Type

Supercapacitor Module

Hy-Cap NEO Supercapacitor 2-series Module

Hy-Cap Supercapacitor 2-series Module

Hy-Cap Supercapacitor Customized Module

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