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PixsoLED – Dome Lens 0603 SMD LEDs

SunLEDs PixsoLED is an excellent choice for those wanting a high-visibility indicator

SunLED PixsoLED Dome Lens SMD

Great things come in small packages. SunLED welcomes you to prepare your eyes for a look at our 0603 SMD with a dome lens. With its 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm footprint and 0.95 mm height, the PixsoLED is a bright source of directed light from a package small enough to lose if you blink too hard. Its 60° narrow viewing angle allows for greater intensity output, so not only can you stop worrying about light bleed across light pipes, you do not need a brighter die to get the brightness you want out of a standard chip-type LED. On limited real estate, the PixsoLED is an excellent choice for those wanting a high-visibility indicator, where good form follows with greater function. Its pixel-like qualities make it an ideal LED for a wide-range of applications such as signs and indoor displays, to handheld device indication and membrane switches on appliances.


Small form factor: 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm, 0.95 mm height
Narrow-angle of emission: 60°
Low-current/high-output: up to 1,295 mcd at 20 mA


Hand held, peripheral, and light pipe indication

Ordering Information

SunLED Part# Datasheet Lens Color Wavelength Purchase
XZM2CRK53W-8 Water Clear Red 640nm Buy XZM2CRK53W-8 now!
XZMDK53W-8 Water Clear Red 645nm Buy XZMDK53W-8 now!
XZMOK53W-8 Water Clear Orange 610nm Buy XZMOK53W-8 now!
XZM2CYK53W-8 Water Clear Yellow 590nm Buy XZM2CYK53W-8 now!
XZMYK53W-8 Water Clear Yellow 590nm Buy XZMYK53W-8 now!
XZVG53W-8 Water Clear Green 574nm Buy XZVG53W-8 now!
XZM2DG53W-8 Water Clear Green 520nm Buy XZM2DG53W-8 now!
XZDGK53W-8 Water Clear Green 515nm Buy XZDGK53W-8 now!
XZCBD53W-8 Water Clear Blue 460nm Buy XZCBD53W-8 now!
XZFBB53W-8 Water Clear Blue 465nm Buy XZFBB53W-8 now!