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Stackpole Electronics Inc (SEI) offers replacements for obsolete TTE/IRC GS-3 Series

The recent obsolescence of the GS-3 series metal glaze power resistors from TT Electronics has left some customers searching for alternatives. Stackpole has several options for those customers seeking a viable replacement to the GS-3.

The MGM3 is a similar metal glaze technology and is designed for high voltage handling. The MGM3 is rated at 7000 volts where the GS-3 is only rated for 1000. The MGM3 would also have outstanding pulse voltage handling. The MGM3 is a 3W part compared to the 2W power rating for the GS-3. The MGM3 can only offer resistance values from 1K ohm up and would be slightly longer at 15.5mm compared to the GS-3 body length of 13.1mm.

The ASRM2 is an anti-surge carbon film resistor that is also rated at 2W at 70°C as is the GS-3. The voltage rating for the ASRM2 is 4000 volts and it offers resistance values down to 3.3 ohm and up to 12 Meg ohm. The ASRM2 has exceptional pulse handling which is well defined on the data sheet. However the ASRM2 is slightly longer than the GS-3 at 15mm long. TCR for the ASRM2 will vary with resistance value and will be poorer for higher resistance values. The ASRM2 is only available in 5% tolerances.

Product Comparison

Manufacturer Part Status Series Power Rating @ 70°C (W) Voltage Rating (V) Value Range (Ω) Tolerance (%) Dim. LxWxLDia (mm) Datasheets
TT Electronics Obsolete GS-3 2W (3W @ 25°C) 1000 1-3 Meg 1,2 and 5 13.1x5.7x0.81
Stackpole Active MGM3 3W 7000 1K - 1G 1,5 and 10 15.5x5x0.78
Stackpole Active ASRM2 2W 4000 3.3 - 12 Meg 5 15x5x0.8