NAC Provides Power Products

NAC has developed a strong relationship with our customer base in the Power Industry by partnering with high-performance and high-quality manufacturers of Power Semiconductors and associated products. We strive to offer our customers a wide array of electronic components specifically developed for their high power applications needs. Our products are currently in use by some of the most recognized names in power generation, high-speed rail, motor drives, oil exploration, energy conversion, un-interruptible power supply, induction heating, and electric vehicle markets.

In support of high performance and reliable power applications of today’s customers, NAC offers a wide range of high voltage & amp IGBTs modules from 600 volts to 6.5kV and 50A up to 3600 amps in industry standard packages from Starpower and Dynex Semiconductor.

High-performance IGBTs are only part of the equation that is driving todays increasing demand of high-efficiency. IGBTs can only be as only as good as the technology driving them. Through NAC’s partnership with AgileSwitch, we can provide customers with IGBT and SiC MOSFET drivers that provide maximum performance and reliability with unparalleled flexibility to optimize the electrical characteristics of the IGBT or SiC MOSFET module.

In addition, NAC can supply Dynex Semiconductors rectifier diodes from 1.4V to 9kV, Phase Control SCRs from 1.4kV to 8.5kV, Pulse & GTO Thyristors from 1.3kV to 6.5kV, Fast Recovery Diodes Modules from 1.2kV to 6.5kV, and the design engineering expertise to assist you from concept to final production.

NAC has worked diligently to fill out our offering of complementary components. NAC has strong partnerships in thermal management products such as fans, heat sinks, bus bars, high power cables and connectors, AC/DC & DC/DC converters, resistors and capacitors, batteries, and more.