As a CapXon distributor, NAC offers CapXon's full lineup of Capacitors.

CapXon was founded in Taiwan in 1980, manufactured aluminum electrolytic capacitors and constantly expanded its business. Given the global supply chain has been expanded to Mainland China, CapXon built its capacitor factory at Shenzhen in 1993. In order to strengthen the vertical integration of their manufacturing process and ensure the quality of their main manufacturing process, they built the first aluminum foil factory at Yichang in 2001.

In 2002, due to the consideration of lowering purchasing, installment and maintenance costs, the group founded its own machinery equipment manufacturing company called Yichang Fengshuo Equipment Co., Ltd. Since then, CapXon can provide operational maintenance services, designing and technological support to their manufacturing machinery & equipment.

In 2006, a second aluminum foil factory was built at Baotou which operates with multiple high-voltage forming production lines.

CapXon has always invested itself in the future and steadily increased the production of capacitors due to increasing market demand. Therefore, they are planning to gradually invest in an automatic production line and facilities for capacitors.

CapXon's Products

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Solid Conductive Polymer Capacitors
Hybrid Conductive Polymer Capacitors