EBG Resistors

Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH (EBG) is one of the leading international manufacturers of resistors for high-performance electronics. These technologically demanding components contribute to the safe and efficient conversion and transmission of energy. Among other things, EBG’s resistors are used in electric power trains of high-speed trains, electrical cars, frequency converters in wind turbines, aerospace applications or HVDC power transmission systems. The company has been part of the Miba Group since 2010.

EBG resistors are found in numerous power electronics applications:

Frequency converters (e.g. in wind power plants)
Drives of large electric engines
High-voltage and medium-voltage grids (e.g. high-voltage direct current transmission - HVDC)
Drives for trains and electric vehicles
Medical technolgy (x-ray, MRI, CT, PET scan machines)

Resistor Products

EBG's range of products include non-inductive thick film high-voltage, high-power and precision resistors as well as custom-designed resistors. Our resistors are available in different designs, sizes, ohmic values and tight tolerances.

Power Resistors up to 600W
Ultra-high Resistors up to 2,000W
High Voltage Cylindrical Resistors up to 96kV
High Voltage Flat Resistors up to 35kV
Voltage Dividers and Network Resistors up to 80kV
Shunts up to 100W
High Precision Metal Film resistors with a low TCR of up to 2 ppm
Ultra-high precision resistors
Custom designed and resistor networks
Carbon Disc resistors