Sansha Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd., the parent company of SanRex, is located in Osaka, Japan, and is an innovative, dynamic leader in the power electronics industry. Since developing choking coil automatic transformers for movie projectors in 1933, and have been one of the pioneers in the industrial world as a manufacturer of power semiconductors and power supply equipment.

In 1963, Sanrex started the manufacture of power thyristors and subsequently embarked on the development of power transistors, IGBT’s and other power semiconductor devices, keeping pace with developments in power electronics. We also applied these semiconductor devices to our industrial power supply equipment, which we provide to many industries.

SanRex Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sansha Electric, was established in 1982 and is located in Port Washington, New York. SanRex Corporation supports our wide global base of customers in Canada, North, Central and South America, while our newly located Europe Branch Office, which opened in Slovenia in 2009, supports business in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa. We are a highly respected supplier of Power Semiconductors, Plating Rectifiers, Lighting Ballasts, Plasma Power Supplies and Welding Equipment. Our Engineering Service Department is also available to provide you with service and technical assistance for all SanRex made products.

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