Solitron Devices

Solitron Devices, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high performance, high density, & high quality power semiconductor components and circuitry. They have capabilities that begin with wafer fabrication to mass production, multi-chip modules, and back end testing all in house in West Palm, FL . Solitron’s firm commitment to quality and excellence through their AS9100 & ISO9001:2008 certificates have provided the foundation for Solitron being QPL approved supplier with DLA on approximately 200 devices built to MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-PRF-19500 standards for HiRel, Military, Aerospace and RadHard applications.

Solitron is also at the forefront of semiconductor packaging and thermal management. They offer a robust lineup of power semis in metal, ceramic, and hybrid packages. They have internal capabilities of building custom copper packages for hybrid modules in their machine shop. They provide the engineering expertise to help guide customers through the difficult transition from individual discrete to multi-chip power hybrids that have become necessary in the shrinking physical dimensions of today’s applications. If you don’t see a product that exactly meets your need, inquire with NAC if Solitron can design a custom product that meets your application’s demands.


DLA QPL/SMD Products
Power Transistors – 2N Products in JAN, JANTX, and JANTXV reliabilities in TO-11, TO-5/TO-39, TO-66, TO-111/I, TO-114, TO-3, & TO-66 packages.
Low Power Field Effect Transistors – 2N parts in JAN reliability are available in TO-18, TO-72, & TO-71 packages.
Voltage Regulators
Hi-REl Discrete products
Operational Amplifiers
Bipolar Transistors
Linear Regulators
Schottky Rectifiers/Diodes
Custom Hi-Rel Solutions to support obsolescence issues.
RadHard Solutions available!
Power Diodes & Rectifiers
Hi-Rel Planar Standard, Fast, & Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes/Rectifiers Ranging from 1 to 50A
Rectifier Assemblies with Current Ranging up to 200A
Small Signal and Power Schottky Rectifiers/Diodes
Fast Recovery Diodes/Rectifiers
Standard Recovery Rectifiers
TO-3, TO-228, TO-254, TO-257, TO-258, TO-259, TO-267 & Miscellaneous Interlock Packages ("Z" Packs)
Standard & Custom Lead Forming
S-Level Equivalent Screening

Power Hybrids – Class H Hybrids, Hi-Reliability Semiconductors Power Hybrids

Solitron's technology combines small signal circuitry with power chips to produce low thermal resistance power hybrids. For the past 25 years, Solitron's custom power hybrids have been supplied to the military, aerospace, space, avionics, and industrial markets in the USA, Western Europe, and the Far East, attesting to the reliability of Solitron's design, assembly, test and screening procedures.

Solitron offers vertically Integrated Hybrid Operations/Design, Wafer Fabrication, Assembly, Substrate, and Packaging, and Full Environmental Testing.

Single & Multi-chip Modules
Small-Signal & Power Hybrids
Voltage Regulators (Custom, Standard and SMD Voltage Regulators)
Motor Drivers
Motor Controllers
DC to DC Converters (Custom & Standard)
Power Factor Correction Modules (Custom & Standard)
Power Controllers
Power Operational Amplifiers
Rad-Hard "SEGR" Resistant
Commercial, COTS/GOTS, Military & Space
Custom Circuits & Packages
Standard & Custom Lead Forming
Over 400 Standard Packages
MIL-PRF-38534 (Class H Hybrids) & Custom Screening
S-Level Equivalent Screening