Wieland MicroCool is an industry leader in base plate, cold plate and total cooling loop system designs. Wieland offers a myriad of fin and custom pin fin geometries designed to improve reliability and thermal efficiency in cooling electronic systems. These unique cold plates maximize thermal and pressure drop performance due to enhanced surface area, high fin density and distinctive micro-channel construction.

Headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, Wieland has been able to leverage years of liquid cooling know how to address new thermal management solutions for computer systems and high-performance power electronics. Wieland's Micro Deformation Technology (MDT), a proprietary material forming process originally developed for the production of surface-enhanced heat transfer tubing, has revolutionized liquid cooling in electronic systems by delivering superior thermal performance to customers around the world. Wieland's surface technology offers the OEM engineer and system integrator the optimum in design flexibility while maximizing both thermal performance and pressure drop.

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