As a Fastron distributor, NAC offers Fastron’s full offerings of Chip Inductors, RFID Coils, Leaded Inductors, Suppression Coils, Metal Enclosures, Chokes and Beads.

Established in 1978, Fastron manufactures Rohs compliant, high quality (e.g AEC-Q200 grade) RF and power inductors, precision sheet metal housings, mechatronic assemblies and customized MR coils. Fastron is based in Germany, they have expanded into a multinational group with over 1000 employees. They have design, manufacturing and sales facilities in Germany, Malaysia, Hungary and America. All factories are certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949.

Main Products

RF Chip Inductors
Chip Inductors for Power Applications (Shielded)
Moulded Inductors
Plugable Inductors
SMD Power Inductors
RFID Transponder Coils
Suppression Coils
Chokes and Beads
Wide Band Chokes
Toroid Line Chokes
Rod Core Chokes
Leaded Beads
SMD Beads