AMIC Technology

As an AMIC Technology distributor, NAC offers customers sustainability support for board level legacy memory for mature programs by offering alternates to memory devices obsoleted by leading edge memory manufacturers.

AMIC offers its customers one of the largest memory IC portfolios available in the semiconductor industry today. From SRAM to FLASH, from DRAM to Mask-ROM and RF-ID TAG IC solutions. From bare die to full SiP integration.

Utilizing the best processing technologies available, AMIC's products are optimized for durable performance to meet the stringent demands in the communication, consumer, computer and automotive industries. Assembly, packaging, burn-in and testing are offered as standard or special customer requests. Standard packaging includes mini-BGA, MCP services as well as, flip-chip, bare die solutions and fully tested wafers.

AMIC Products

Table of Contents

  1. Memory Products
  2. DRAM Products
  3. Low Power SRAM Products
  4. Sensors / RFID Products
Memory Products
Parallel NOR Flash
Parallel NOR FLASH

Parallel NOR Flash memory has a static random-access memory (SRAM) interface that includes enough address pins to map the entire chip, enabling access to every byte within it.


  • Felexible sector architecture
  • 20mA typical active read current
  • Supports full chip erease
  • Top to bottom boot block configurations available
  • 20-year data retention at 125 degrees.
SPI Flash

SPI Flash memory is a simple interface for interfacing to small peripherals.


  • Flexible Sector Architecture with 4KB Sectors
  • Page Program up to 256 Bytes in 2ms
  • 2.7 to 3.6V Single Supply Voltage
  • SPI Bus Compatible Serial Interface
  • 100MHz Clock Rate Max

DRAM Products
Synchronous DRAM
Synchronous DRAM

Synchronous DRAM is generic name for various kinds of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that are synchronized with the click speed that the microprocessor is optimized for.


  • JEDEC standard 3.3V power supply
  • LVTTL Compatible with multiplexed address
  • Dual bank / pulse RAS
  • MRS cycle with address key programs
  • Industrial operating temperature range -40C to +85C

Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory, officially abbreviated as DDR SDRAM, is a double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory class of memory integrated circuits used in computers.


  • Double data rate architecture
  • Bidirectional data strobe is transmitted and recived with data.
  • Four internal banks for concurrent operation
  • Data mask (DM) for write data
  • Auto precharge option for each burst access.

Low Power SRAM Products
Low Power SRAM
Low Power SRAM

These SRAM devices are fabricated using ISSI's high-performance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process, coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields high-performance and low power-consumption devices


  • Single +5V power supply
  • Current very low power
  • Common I/O using three-state output
  • Data retention voltage 2V(min)
  • All inputs and outputs are directly TTL-compatible

Sensors / RFID Products
Light / Proximity Sensors


  • Ambient Light sensor
  • Ambient Light (ALS) / IR Sensing
  • Proximity Sensing (PS)
  • On chip user trimming is capable for overlay correction
  • Ultra low power consumption



  • Compatible with ISO/IEC
  • No external power supply required
  • 13.56MHz operating frequency
  • Cascaded two level 7 byte serial number
  • Manchester encoding TX data output