As a SunLED distributor, NAC supplies SunLED's full line up of surface mount and through hole LED products designed for integration in products that are built for lower power consumption & higher performance applications. Next generation LEDs, including SunLED’s smallest 0201 package and industry’s thinnest 0.2mm, paper thin packages are available.

SunLED is one of the world's leading manufacturers of optoelectronic products. Since established in 1989, SunLED has grown and propelled to offer an exceptional extensive line of LED Lamps, Surface Mount LEDs, and LED Displays. SunLED produces more than 350 million LEDs every month to support customer's demands.

SunLED offers LED solutions for customers across all electronic industries from start-ups to high volume OEMs with production requirements in the millions. Support begins from the concept/design stage and leads to on-time delivery to contract manufacturers worldwide for the completion of an end product.


Reverse Mount RGB PLCC SMD LED
Heart Rate Sensor LEDs for medical and mobile applications
SMD LEDs: Chip Type, PLCC, Reverse Mount, Right Angle, Dome Lens, Multi-Color
Through-Hole LEDs: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm Sizes
Special Shape LEDs: Cylindrical, Rectangular, Triangular, Ice Cube, Flat Top
Circuit Board Indicators: Multi-Level [One, Two, Three, Four Position], Multi-Color
Displays: SMD Displays, Seven Segment, Alphanumeric, Dot Matrix, Bargraph Array, Light Bar
IR Products: Infrared, Phototransistors, Photo Interrupters