As a distributor for Flezon, NAC Semi distributes their full lineup of Audio transducers, Buzzers, Piezo Elements, Microphones, Speakers, Receivers, and Ultrasonic Sensors.

FLEZON acoustic is a division of Flexxon Pte Ltd. specializing in manufacturing high-quality acoustic and sound components for electronics devices. With more than 40 years Research and Development experience, Flezon have designed and manufactured over 5,000 models of acoustic components in the range of Buzzer, Transducer, Microphone, Speaker, Receiver and Ultrasonic Sensor. Flezon's components are widely used in the application of Industrial, Medical, Automotive, Military, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics and loT smart devices.

Ushering in the smart era, a smarter electronics devices with creative sound features is essential. To improve the human-technology interaction, Flezon will assist customers to design a smarter electronics devices by adding in significant sound signalling features. Interactive sound signalling features is an added-value to the product, it differentiate the products from your competitor and enhance the brand awareness.


Magnetic Transducer
External Drive Piezo Transducer
Self Drive Piezo Transducer
Magnetic Buzzer
Mechanical Buzzer
Piezo Buzzer
Piezo Element
External Drive Piezo Element
Self Drive Piezo Element
MEMS Microphone
Back Electret Consdenser Microphone
Omnidirectional Electret Microphone
Unidirectional Electret Microphone
Noise Cancelling Microphone
Mylar Speaker
Loud Speaker
Notebook Speaker
Dynamic Reciever
Ultrasonic Sensors
Asymmetric Ultrasonic Sensor
Symmetric Ultrasonic Sensor
Open Structure Ultrasonic Sensor
Shock Sensor
Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer