Advanced Conversion

Advanced Power Conversion Solutions – dba Advanced Conversion was founded in 2019 by Ed Sawyer and Mike Brubaker to carry on the technology and the customer application solutions formerly provided by SBE Inc. Advanced Conversion has acquired the technology license to all patents, designs, data, products, and processes from SBE which enables us to continue to support all of the existing solutions and products used by former SBE customers. Additionally, we are ready to apply these industry-leading tools to new optimized designs for interested customers in various markets including electric vehicles, aviation, alternative energy, and pulsed power. Most of the management team of SBE and virtually all of the Production and Technical team of SBE is now part of the Advanced Conversion family. All of the same equipment and processes are used to produce products of the high quality that our customers expect. Our expert application engineering team has also been preserved and will be expanding to meet increasing demands for custom solutions. Advanced Conversion is taking this foundation of technology and industry-leading solutions to the next level by adding in-house design and manufacturing of high-performance bus bars. This allows the company to significantly decrease typical industry lead-times as well as better integrate the cap-bus design to its optimal manufactured level as a DC link solution. The result is a faster design, prototyping, and production solution to market for our customers. With manufacturing and design facilities in Vermont, Colorado, and China, Advanced Conversion can bring global supply chain solutions at competitive prices to our customers across the globe. Our customers enjoy the best technical solution, leveraging their semiconductor strategy, and accessing competitive pricing at their production location

QUALITY STATEMENT Advanced Conversion acquired all of the processes and data of SBE Inc. As such, our processes are all ISO9001:2015 compliant. We received ISO9001:2015 registered status (pdf) last year. Advanced Conversion is scheduled to obtain AS9100 certification in 2H2021.

Advance Conversion Products

DC Link Capactiors
Test Kits for DC Link Capacitors
Test Kits for the Infineon HP Drive 6 Pack IGBT Modules
Integrated Modules
Pulse/High Voltage Capacitors