World Products, Inc. (WPI)

As a World Products (WPI) distributor, NAC provides NEC TOKIN relays, Overvoltage protection, Lite-On Semiconductors, Pilkor Film Caps, Industrial Relays and wireless antenna products.

World Products, LLC (WP) offers real solutions to manufacturing and supply line issues with an electronic component product offering that is synergistic and focused on the major markets it serves, including Automotive, Telecom, Industrial, Power Supply, Surge Suppression, Consumer and Wireless. This enables WP to provide more products and product lines, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.

NEXEM Relays (Formerly NEC/Tokin Relays)

Miniature Power/Signal Relays

UA2/UB2 Series - small mounting size and slim package
UC2/UD2 Series - low profile design
EA2 Series - compact size and flat-package
EB2 Series - compact size, surface mount
EC2 Series - compact and slim design

Over Voltage Protection Devices

ESD Diodes & Arrays
Gas Discharge Tubes
Varistors-Metal oxide, EV Metal Oxide, thermally protected, & Multi-layer
Surge Absorbers
TVS Diodes

Lite-On Semi Discrete Devices

Schottky Rectifiers
Rectifiers- Bridge, Standard, Fast, Superfast & Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers
Switching Diodes

Pilkor- General Purpose & RFI (Safety) Film Capacitors

Relays and Opto Isolation Devices

Industrial Relays
Isocoupler Photo Couplers
ISOMOS Photo MOS Relays

Wireless Products

Antenna- Dual Band, GPS/GSM Combo, Glass Mount GSM & GPS, Magnetic GPS & GSM, Active GPS