Winslow Adaptics

Winslow Adaptics | Authorized Distributor

As a Winslow Adaptics distributor, NAC supplies their lineup of engineered interconnect and socket solutions to help alleviate your obsolete product issues or sockets for re-programmable devices.

Winslow Adaptics manufacturers high quality, design solution adapters that convert the foot print of a part to fit your board. With over 30 years of experience, Winslow Adaptics has the expertise to to design, develop, and manufacture a quality customer built adapter to solve your board issues.

Why Winslow?

Allocation has become the buzz word in the IC industry over the past few years. As sales soar for manufacturers – lead times extend, do you really want to wait 50 weeks for product to be delivered?


Is the device available in a different package?


Call NAC now and we’ll Adapt it for you!

Winslow Adaptics Products

Allocation & Absolescence

For 30 years Winslow has been at the forefront of mitigating obsolescence through the re-manufacture of legacy components which makes us your trusted source for fast, cost effective solutions to obsolescence and supply chain shortages. Adapt from a single or multiple components to any footprint, reverse engineering of plastic & metal parts where drawings no longer exist and diminished connector types.

Package/Footprint Conversion
Device Re-Targeting
Reverse Engineering
Connector Solutions

Jermyn Semiconductor Hardware

Jermyn Manufacturing is synonymous with making transistor clips and mounting pads, sockets, heatsinks and other associated semiconductor accessories in the 1960's and 1970's.

Mounting Pads
Transitor & Circular IC Sockets
Opto/Diode Display Sockets
Insulators, Panel Washers, Bushes, and Covers
Component Carrier
Mounting & Insulating Kits
W7700 Series Ribbon Wrap

Test & Development

Development tools can be a simple SMT footprint to test points or something more complex. Connectors can be added for easy interface with the device, power and ground ports can be easily accommodated. The device under test can be enclosed into a custom built socket to enable multiple use testing on the same package.

Prototyping Adpater/Interposers
Emulation& Test Interface
Programming Adapters
Voltage Regulation
Test Clips & Modules
Custom Test & Development Solutions

Interconnect Solutions

Winslow began manufacturing connectors in the mid-1970's when we re-created an obsolete TO Socket for Flight Re-diffusion, Crawley. This quickly developed to a range of stamped & formed contact I.C. sockets with a market share that required manufacturing rates of 70 pins per second followed by the development of a screw machined pin socket manufacturing line. We have a broad-line of industry standard Interconnect, including legacy lines, very often available from stock:

Screw Machine/Turn Pin Sockets
PCB Connectors
Stamped Pin IC Sockets
Wire Wrap
PLCC Sockets & Plugs
SIMM Sockets
Transistor & Circular IC Sockets
Shorting Link/Jumpers
Opto/Diode Display Sockets
Custom Interconnect Solutions

Precision Engineering

Winslow has a wealth of experience in precision engineering activities and materials, processing a broad range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics. Our team of highly experienced toolmakers can work to your specified materials or work with you to propose materials, treatments, surface finishes and coating specifications best suited to your requirement. Your free issue materials are effectively controlled within our Quality Management system and our supply chain offers full trace ability enabling First Article Inspection Reports where required.

Reverse Engineering
Injection Molding
CNC Machining
Tool Making