Precision Resistor Company

As a Precision Resistor Company (PRC) distributor, NAC offers Precision Resistor Companies full catalog of Resistors, and other accessories.

Precision Resistor parts are ideal for use in direct current (D.C.) electrical circuits & compliant with international directives, see Environmental Regulations link along the left side of the page. PRC specializes in wire wound resistors, sensors, shunts & RTD compensators featuring highly stable artificially aged components featuring close precision tolerances from ±1% to ±0.005% and low temperature coefficients (T.C.) to 0±1 PPM/°C., designed to emit extremely low EMF. PRC has a wide array of sizes & styles available, including two & four terminal axial lead or surface mount. Also available are MIL-R & printed circuit styles with delivery available in bulk packaging as well as tape & reel. In addition to their standard catalog parts, PRC has custom temperature sensitive RTDs with (+) TCRs from +1400 PPM/°C. to +6000 PPM/°C., including a custom one-of-a-kind special Platinum DIN Alternative which follows the slope of Platinum DIN very closely at a fraction of the cost.

Precision Resistor Co. (PRC) Products

Surface Mount Resistors
Axial Power Resistors
Axial Ultra-Precision Resistor
Current Sensing/Shunts
RTD Compensators