MINMAX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., established in 1990, specializes in designing and manufacturing compact, isolated DC-DC and AC-DC power converters. The company's products serve a diverse range of industries, including industrial, renewable energy, railway, medical, manufacturing, telecommunications, data centers, and semiconductor equipment. MINMAX provides innovative solutions for various complex applications.

Their extensive product line includes DC-DC converters with power ratings from 1 to 150 watts, AC-DC power supplies ranging from 2 to 60 watts, and switching regulators from 0.5 to 1 amp.

MINMAX power converters are widely used in manufacturing, railway, renewable energy, and medical industries, allowing customers to select products tailored to their specific applications.

Why Choose MINMAX?

Compact Design: Maximizes system space
Easy Upgrades: Enhances output power without circuit changes
High Efficiency: Reliable electrical performance
Thermal Optimization: Works well in varied environments
Broad Temperature Range: Suitable for diverse conditions
Noise Suppression: Excellent isolation for noise reduction
Cost Efficiency: Reduces costs while maximizing benefits”


DC-DC Converters:
Board Mount - Through Hole
Board Mount – Surface Mount: 0.86W to 150W
Chassis & Din-Rail Mount – 6W – 60W
AC-DC Power Supplies
Board Mount: 3-60W
Chassis Mount: 3-60W
Din-Rail Mount: