AgileSwitch HPM/IHV/IHM/Hi-pak Series IGBT Driver

AgileSwitch HPM/IHV/IHM/Hi-Pak Series Gate Driver Board

AgileSwitch, LLC develops transformative technology that dramatically improves the performance and efficiency of electric vehicle and renewable energy applications. Patented Augmented SwitchingTM technology in our Plug and Play Gate Drivers are suitable for IGBT switches.

The AgileSwitch HPFM-HPM Fiber driver provides monitoring and fault reporting information to enable better control and analysis of an IGBT-based power system. The HPFM provides up to 30 Amps of peak current at an operating frequency of up to 15 kHz. The driver includes an isolated DC/DC converter and provides a single fault that is reported via the dual-channel fiber I/O. All AgileSwitch drivers use automotive temperature grade components and allow for modifying settings of gate resistors and active clamping.

Programmable Features

2-level turn-off time and voltage level
Soft Shut Down (SSD) time and voltage level
Desaturation time and voltage level
Master-Slave capability for parallel operation
Gate drive voltage +15V/-10V
Peak Gate Current +/-30A
Suitable fo IGBTs up to 3.3kV
Power supply under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
1 X 7W output power


Solar/PV Inverters
Wind Turbines
Motor Drives
High Speed Trains/traction
Induction Welding Cutting and heating
Frequency Conversion

Compatible Modules and Ordering Information

Below you will find the supported modules and package types. If your module of choice is not listed below, it does not mean that it is not supported. Please email the NAC Power FAE for further assistance with your application needs.

Manufacturer Part Number Board Number Voltage Current Style
ABB 5SNA 1600N170100 5SNA 1600N170100-HPFM 1700 1600 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 1600N170100-HPFM
ABB 5SNA 1800E170100 5SNA 1800E170100-HPFM 1700 1800 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 1800E170100-HPFM
ABB 5SNA 2400E170305 5SNA 2400E170305-HPFM 1700 2400 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 2400E170305-HPFM
ABB 5SNA 3600E170300 5SNA 3600E170300-HPFM 1700 3600 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 3600E170300-HPFM
ABB 5SNA 1500E250300 5SNA 1500E250300-HPFM 2500 1500 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 1500E250300-HPFM
ABB 5SNA 0800N330100 5SNA 0800N330100-HPFM 3300 800 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 0800N330100-HPFM
ABB 5SNA 1000N330300 5SNA 1000N330300-HPFM 3300 1000 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 1000N330300-HPFM
ABB 5SNA 1200E330100 5SNA 1200E330100-HPFM 3300 1200 Single IGBT Buy 5SNA 1200E330100-HPFM
Dynex DIM1800ESM12-A DIM1800ESM12-A-HPFM 1200 1800 Single IGBT Buy DIM1800ESM12-A-HPFM
Dynex DIM1800ESS12-A DIM1800ESS12-A-HPFM 1200 1800 Single IGBT Buy DIM1800ESS12-A-HPFM
Dynex DIM2400ESM12-A DIM2400ESM12-A-HPFM 1200 2400 Single IGBT Buy DIM2400ESM12-A-HPFM
Dynex DIM2400ESS12-A DIM2400ESS12-A-HPFM 1200 2400 Single IGBT Buy DIM2400ESS12-A-HPFM
Dynex DIM2400ESM17-A DIM2400ESM17-A-HPFM 1700 2400 Single IGBT Buy DIM2400ESM17-A-HPFM
Dynex DIM800NSM33-F DIM800NSM33-F-HPFM 3300 800 Single IGBT Buy DIM800NSM33-F-HPFM
Dynex DIM1000NSM33-TL DIM1000NSM33-TL-HPFM 3300 1000 Single IGBT Buy DIM1000NSM33-TL-HPFM
Dynex DIM1000NSM33-TS DIM1000NSM33-TS-HPFM 3300 1000 Single IGBT Buy DIM1000NSM33-TS-HPFM
Dynex DIM1200ESM33-F DIM1200ESM33-F-HPFM 3300 1200 Single IGBT Buy DIM1200ESM33-F-HPFM
Dynex DIM1500ESM33-TL DIM1500ESM33-TL-HPFM 3300 1500 Single IGBT Buy DIM1500ESM33-TL-HPFM
Dynex DIM1500ESM33-TS DIM1500ESM33-TS-HPFM 3300 1500 Single IGBT Buy DIM1500ESM33-TS-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1200VC-120P 1MBI1200VC-120P-HPFM 1200 1200 Single Buy 1MBI1200VC-120P-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI800UG-330 1MBI800UG-330-HPFM 3300 800 Single Buy 1MBI800UG-330-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1000UG-330 1MBI1000UG-330-HPFM 3300 1000 Single Buy 1MBI1000UG-330-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1200UE-330 1MBI1200UE-330-HPFM 3300 1200 Single Buy 1MBI1200UE-330-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1500UE-330 1MBI1500UE-330-HPFM 3300 1500 Single Buy 1MBI1500UE-330-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1600VC-120P 1MBI1600VC-120P-HPFM 1200 1600 Single Buy 1MBI1600VC-120P-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI2400VD-120P 1MBI2400VD-120P-HPFM 1200 2400 Single Buy 1MBI2400VD-120P-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI3600VD-120P 1MBI3600VD-120P-HPFM 1200 3600 Single Buy 1MBI3600VD-120P-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1200VC-170E 1MBI1200VC-170E-HPFM 1700 1200 Single Buy 1MBI1200VC-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1200VR-170E 1MBI1200VR-170E-HPFM 1700 1200 Single Buy 1MBI1200VR-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1600VC-170E 1MBI1600VC-170E-HPFM 1700 1600 Single Buy 1MBI1600VC-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI1600VR-170E 1MBI1600VR-170E-HPFM 1700 1600 Single Buy 1MBI1600VR-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI2400VC-170E 1MBI2400VC-170E-HPFM 1700 2400 Single Buy 1MBI2400VC-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI2400VR-170E 1MBI2400VR-170E-HPFM 1700 2400 Single Buy 1MBI2400VR-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI2400VD-170E 1MBI2400VD-170E-HPFM 1700 2400 Single Buy 1MBI2400VD-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI2400VS-170E 1MBI2400VS-170E-HPFM 1700 2400 Single Buy 1MBI2400VS-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI3600VD-170E 1MBI3600VD-170E-HPFM 1700 3600 Single Buy 1MBI3600VD-170E-HPFM
Fuji Electric 1MBI3600VS-170E 1MBI3600VS-170E-HPFM 1700 3600 Single Buy 1MBI3600VS-170E-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1200E17D MBN1200E17D-HPFM 1700 1200 D-Version Buy MBN1200E17D-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1200E17E MBN1200E17E-HPFM 1700 1200 E-Version Buy MBN1200E17E-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1600E17D MBN1600E17D-HPFM 1700 1600 D-Version Buy MBN1600E17D-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1600E17F MBN1600E17F-HPFM 1700 1600 F-Version Buy MBN1600E17F-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1800E17DD MBN1800E17DD-HPFM 1700 1800 D-Version Buy MBN1800E17DD-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1800E17E MBN1800E17E-HPFM 1700 1800 E-Version Buy MBN1800E17E-HPFM
Hitachi MBN2400E17D MBN2400E17D-HPFM 1700 2400 D-Version Buy MBN2400E17D-HPFM
Hitachi MBN2400E17F MBN2400E17F-HPFM 1700 2400 F-Version Buy MBN2400E17F-HPFM
Hitachi MBN3600E17F MBN3600E17F-HPFM 1700 3600 F-Version Buy MBN3600E17F-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1200E25C MBN1200E25C-HPFM 2500 1200 C-Version Buy MBN1200E25C-HPFM
Hitachi MBN800E33D MBN800E33D-HPFM 3300 800 D-Version Buy MBN800E33D-HPFM
Hitachi MBN800E33D-AX MBN800E33D-AX-HPFM 3300 800 D-AX Version Buy MBN800E33D-AX-HPFM
Hitachi MBN800E33E MBN800E33E-HPFM 3300 800 E-Version Buy MBN800E33E-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1000E33E2 MBN1000E33E2-HPFM 3300 1000 E2-Version Buy MBN1000E33E2-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1200E33C MBN1200E33C-HPFM 3300 1200 C-Version Buy MBN1200E33C-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1200E33D MBN1200E33D-HPFM 3300 1200 D-Version Buy MBN1200E33D-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1200H33D MBN1200H33D-HPFM 3300 1200 D-Version Buy MBN1200H33D-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1200E33E MBN1200E33E-HPFM 3300 1200 E-Version Buy MBN1200E33E-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1500E33E2 MBN1500E33E2-HPFM 3300 1500 E2-Version Buy MBN1500E33E2-HPFM
Hitachi MBN1500E33E3 MBN1500E33E3-HPFM 3300 1500 E3-Version Buy MBN1500E33E3-HPFM
Infineon FD1600/1200R17HP4-K_B2 FD1600/1200R17HP4-K_B2-HPFM 1700 1600 IGBT-P4, Chopper Buy FD1600/1200R17HP4-K_B2-HPFM
Infineon FD1600/1200R17HP4_B2 FD1600/1200R17HP4_B2 -HPFM 1700 1600 IGBT-P4, Chopper Buy FD1600/1200R17HP4_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FD1200R17HP4-K_B2 FD1200R17HP4-K_B2 -HPFM 1700 1200 IGBT-P4, Chopper Buy FD1200R17HP4-K_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FD800R17HP4-K_B2 FD800R17HP4-K_B2 -HPFM 1700 800 IGBT-P4, Chopper Buy FD800R17HP4-K_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FD1200R17KE3-K FD1200R17KE3-K -HPFM 1700 1200 IGBT-E3, Chopper Buy FD1200R17KE3-K -HPFM
Infineon FD1200R17KE3-K_B2 FD1200R17KE3-K_B2 -HPFM 1700 1200 IGBT-E3, Chopper Buy FD1200R17KE3-K_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FD800R17KE3_B2 FD800R17KE3_B2 -HPFM 1700 800 IGBT-E3, Chopper Buy FD800R17KE3_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FD600R17KE3_B2 FD600R17KE3_B2 -HPFM 1700 600 IGBT-E3, Chopper Buy FD600R17KE3_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FD600R17KE3-K_B5 FD600R17KE3-K_B5 -HPFM 1700 600 IGBT-E3, Chopper Buy FD600R17KE3-K_B5 -HPFM
Infineon FZ3600R17HE4 FZ3600R17HE4 -HPFM 1700 3600 IGBT-E4, Single Buy FZ3600R17HE4 -HPFM
Infineon FZ2400R17HE4_B9 FZ2400R17HE4_B9 -HPFM 1700 2400 IGBT-E4, Single Buy FZ2400R17HE4_B9 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1800R17HE4_B9 FZ1800R17HE4_B9 -HPFM 1700 1800 IGBT-E4, Single Buy FZ1800R17HE4_B9 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1200R17HE4 FZ1200R17HE4 -HPFM 1700 1200 IGBT-E4, Single Buy FZ1200R17HE4 -HPFM
Infineon FZ3600R17HP4 FZ3600R17HP4 -HPFM 1700 3600 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ3600R17HP4 -HPFM
Infineon FZ3600R17HP4_B2 FZ3600R17HP4_B2-HPFM 1700 3600 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ3600R17HP4_B2-HPFM
Infineon FZ2400R17HP4_B9 FZ2400R17HP4_B9-HPFM 1700 2400 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ2400R17HP4_B9-HPFM
Infineon FZ2400R17HP4_B28 FZ2400R17HP4_B28 -HPFM 1700 2400 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ2400R17HP4_B28 -HPFM
Infineon FZ2400R17HP4_B29 FZ2400R17HP4_B29 -HPFM 1700 2400 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ2400R17HP4_B29 -HPFM
Infineon FZ2400R17HP4 FZ2400R17HP4 -HPFM 1700 2400 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ2400R17HP4 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1800R17HP4_B9 FZ1800R17HP4_B9 -HPFM 1700 1800 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ1800R17HP4_B9 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1800R17HP4_B29 FZ1800R17HP4_B29 -HPFM 1700 1800 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ1800R17HP4_B29 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1600R17HP4 FZ1600R17HP4 -HPFM 1700 1600 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ1600R17HP4 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1600R17HP4_B2 FZ1600R17HP4_B2 -HPFM 1700 1600 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ1600R17HP4_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1600R17HP4_B21 FZ1600R17HP4_B21 -HPFM 1700 1600 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ1600R17HP4_B21 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1200R17HP4 FZ1200R17HP4 -HPFM 1700 1200 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ1200R17HP4 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1200R17HP4_B2 FZ1200R17HP4_B2 -HPFM 1700 1200 IGBT-P4, Single Buy FZ1200R17HP4_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FZ3600R17KE3_B2 FZ3600R17KE3_B2 -HPFM 1700 3600 IGBT-E3, Single Buy FZ3600R17KE3_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FZ2400R17KE3 FZ2400R17KE3 -HPFM 1700 2400 IGBT-E3, Single Buy FZ2400R17KE3 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1800R17KE3_B2 FZ1800R17KE3_B2 -HPFM 1700 1800 IGBT-E3, Single Buy FZ1800R17KE3_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1600R17KE3 FZ1600R17KE3 -HPFM 1700 1600 IGBT-E3, Single Buy FZ1600R17KE3 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1600R17KE3_B2 FZ1600R17KE3_B2 -HPFM 1700 1600 IGBT-E3, Single Buy FZ1600R17KE3_B2 -HPFM
Infineon FZ1200R17KE3_B2 FZ1200R17KE3_B2 -HPFM 1700 1200 IGBT-E3, Single Buy FZ1200R17KE3_B2 -HPFM
PowerEx CM1000HC-66R CM1000HC-66R-HPFM 3300 1000 Single Buy CM1000HC-66R-HPFM
PowerEx CM1200HC-66H CM1200HC-66H-HPFM 3300 1200 Single Buy CM1200HC-66H-HPFM
PowerEx CM1500HC-66R CM1500HC-66R-HPFM 3300 1500 Single Buy CM1500HC-66R-HPFM
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