Intelligent Memory

Intelligent Memory is a memory manufacturer serving the industrial and embedded memory market

Intelligent Memory, originally founded in 1991 in Hong Kong as "Pacific Force Technology Limited", is a fabless memory manufacturer. In 2014, this private company and joint venture changed its name to I'M Intelligent Memory.

In early 2021, now simply being called Intelligent Memory, they decided that after three decades of steady growth locally, they would expand their reach globally. Since then, IM, as it is known for short, has opened Sales and Tech Support offices in the USA, Germany, Taiwan and Japan and have signed on with over a dozen locally and globally supported distribution partners and sales rep firms worldwide.

Unlike some memory manufacturers that focus on volume commodity markets, Intelligent Memory tailors its product offering towards the needs of the "low-volume, high-mix" industrial & embedded market customers.​

IM has a very comprehensive memory portfolio and stand above our competition by offering a wide variety of DRAM Components, DRAM Modules, AND NAND Flash products. Intelligent Memory provides the most exclusive, complex, and niche memory solutions that are designed and tested to meet the most excruciating requirements for industrial electronic applications.

Due to the unique blend of memory products that IM offers across the board, they are capable of exceeding the standards for commercial reliability and quality. In addition, along with standard solutions, they are proud to also offer many customized and rare densities, configurations, features and package types throughout our diverse product range.

Intelligent Memory Products

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