Holy Stone Enterprise

Holy Stone Enterprise Company Ltd. (Holy Stone) was established in June of 1981 as an agent and distributor of electronic components. In 1994, with technology and cooperation from a Japanese partner, Holy Stone began manufacturing Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC’s). Today Holy Stone is recognized as an industry leader in application-specific ceramic capacitors.

Holy Stone maintains a focus and commitment to providing customers innovative products and exceptional service. The result of that commitment is Holy Stone maintains a high profile on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, ranked in the top 100 companies and a leader among its peers.

Holy Stone MLCC products are manufactured in two modern factories located in Lungtan and Yilan Taiwan.

In addition to these factories, an advanced materials research laboratory is located in Japan. The factory operating systems are certified to ISO-9001, ISO-14001, AEC-Q200, and TS-16949 standards. Additionally, Holy Stone X and Y safety certified capacitor products are certified to U/L, TUV, and CQC standards.

Holy Stone is committed to the cause of achieving and maintaining a healthy environment. The factories are certified to ISO-14000 and all standard products are in compliance with current RoHS, REACH, and CMRT requirements.

Holy Stone Enterprise Products

General Purpose
MVC Series – Middle Voltage X7R and NP0 (100Vdc to 630Vdc)
HVC Series – High Voltage X7R and NP0 (1KVdc to 5KVdc)
NCC Series – Normal Chip Capacitors (less than 1uF)
HCC Series – High Capacitance Capacitors (1uF and above)
HCD Series – Low Bias Capacitors (2.2uF and above)
HCE Series – Excellent DC Bias Capacitors (1uF and above)
HCH Series – 125°C High Capacitance Capacitors (0.1uF and above)
HCN Series – High Capacitance NP0 (1nF~120nF)
Specific Purpose
SCC Series – Safety Certified Capacitors
HBC Series – Low-Loss, High Frequency Capacitors
ACC Series – Automotive Grade Capacitors
HCP Series – Low DC Bias Capacitors
HCT Series – Low DC Bias Capacitors
LCC Series – Large Size Multilayer Capacitors
SMC Series – Stacked Capacitors