Giantec Semiconductor

As a Giantec Semiconductor distributor, NAC offers their full lineup of EEPROM & MCU smart card solutions for commercial and industrial temp applications.

Giantec has two product lines, EEPROM and MCU/Smart Card and is in development on a Power Management line. Giantec is focusing on innovative, vigorous and sustainable industries like electronics, networking, telecommunication, home electronics applications, computers, smart energy meters, medical, automotive, transportation market segments in which their product portfolio aligns perfectly. With over twenty years of experience in the semiconductor industry and an expert IC Designing team, Giantec is positioning itself to be a total chip solution provider.


Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory(EEPROM)
Two Wire Serial EEPROM
SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface) EEPROM
Application Specific EEPROM
Microwire Serial EEPROM
MCU/Smart Cards
Secure Serial Smart Card
Contactless CPU Card
Contactless Logice Card
Multi I/O Secure Flash Card
Power Management Products
AC-DC Controller
DC-DC (Step-Down) Non-Synchronous Controller
DC-LED Driver
Operational Amplifier