Exascend is a team of storage industry veterans who had a vision of a better storage provider. Combining technology leadership with a passion for innovation and service, they created Exascend – a total storage solutions provider uniquely committed to its customers and solving the storage challenges of the future.

Customization through proprietary hardware and firmware design

Exascend’s hardware and firmware solutions set them apart from the competition. Unlike other companies that simply combine off-the-shelf components and call it a day, Exascend takes a unique approach. They have full control over the design and development of all products, creating innovative technologies from scratch.

This level of control allows us Exascend optimize products to achieve the best possible outcomes. They carefully select materials and write firmware source code at the deepest levels, ensuring that their solutions are perfectly tailored to meet customers’ needs.

They believe in pushing the boundaries of storage innovation and take pride in going the extra mile. Exascend’s commitment to excellence is evident in every product they create.