Co-founders Sammy Cheung and Tony Ngai formed Efinix in 2012 after spending over 25 years working at other semiconductor companies, including FPGA companies and other programmable providers. They began by inventing a unique, disruptive, flexible FPGA fabric, the Quantum™ architecture.

Quantum is Efinix’s key technology: an FPGA fabric arranged in a simple block-based format with interspersed columns of RAM and multipliers or DSP blocks. This fabric is designed to be process and fab agnostic, as well as compatible with a true SoC design flow.

Efinix's high-performance Titanium FPGAs are built on a 16 nm process and feature an enhanced Quantum fabric that is custom-tailored for the computing demands of mainstream applications. This scalable platform targets markets from intelligent edge devices to industrial automation to vision systems to edge servers and communications.

The first-generation Trion® FPGAs are based on the patent-protected Quantum architecture. This family gives customers access to this key new FPGA fabric, enabling edge applications or high-volume applications such as mobile and IoT that need devices that are optimized for small packages, low power, and volume.

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