Cooltron Group is an American company that has been designingand manufacturing industrial cooling products for over 21years. Headquartered in the USA with manufacturing branches in China and Taiwan, the company strives to expand its product lines and actively develop investment strategies by expanding its manufacturing network. Cooltron products are found in many industries and fields ranging from LED lighting, medical equipment to entertainment devices.

Since Cooltron has a strong relationship with its China and Taiwan factories, the company has developed a solid knowledge in the manufacturing of industrial fans, blowers, fan accessories and industrial heat sink products. Partnered factories are ISO certified and products have received safety certifications from nine countries including UL, CUL, TUV, VDE, CSA, CCEE, SEMKO, FIMKO, NEMKO, DEMKO and EEC. Cooltron actively monitors and work with partners to maintain a strict quality control and to eliminate the production of defected products.

Quality control and product development are the foundations of Cooltron’s business model. While maintaining their existing product line, Cooltron actively listens to its customers to constantly improve, innovate, and develop new products. The company can offer professional value-added services such as the development of new models, customized wiring, special functioning fans, thermal engineering design and testing.

Cooltron Product Offering

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