CISSOID offers support to customers replacing Honeywell’s obsoleted High Temperature Microelectronics Products

CISSOID, the leader in high temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions, announces its readiness in supporting customers affected by the Last-Time-Buy (LTB) announcement by Honeywell for its High Temperature Microelectronics Products and releases a cross-reference table for CISSOID equivalent parts, all rated from -55°C to 225°C and also available as bare die

Parts replacement can also be supported by the development of high temperature ASIC or dedicated electronic circuit boards based on CISSOID large IP’s and products portfolio including voltage references, regulators, amplifiers, comparators, timers, PWM controllers, DC-DC converters, gate drivers, diodes, MOSFET’s and SiC power modules.

“We are pleased to be able to support Honeywell’s Customers in migrating their high temperature designs to utilise CISSOID solutions, eliminating the complexities of managing a LTB” says Dave Hutton, CEO of CISSOID. “Customers will also benefit from our high reliability components and our long expertise in the design of High Temperature Modules and Systems built by CISSOID over the last decades”

Cross Reference List

Honeywell Part# Honeywell Part Description Cissoid Part# Cissoid Part Description Purchase
HTADC12 12-Bit A/D Converter CHT-ADC10-CSOIC28-T Ultra-low-power 10-bit ADC Buy CHT-ADC10-CSOIC28-T now!
HTOP01 Dual Precision Operational Amplifier CHT-GEM6489A-TDFP16-T Dual Precision Operational Amplifier Buy CHT-GEM6489A-TDFP16-T now!
HT1104 Quad Operational Amplifier CHT-OPA-CSOIC16-T Quad Operational Amplifier Buy CHT-OPA-CSOIC16-T now!
HTPLREG05TC 0.5A/5V Positive Linear Regulator CHT-LDOP-050-TO254-T 1A/5V Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Buy CHT-LDOP-050-TO254-T now!
HTPLREG10TC 0.5A/10V Positive Linear Regulator CHT-LDOP-100-TO254-T 1A/10V Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Buy CHT-LDOP-100-TO254-T now!
HTPLREG12TC 0.5A/12V Positive Linear Regulator CHT-LDOP-120-TO254-T 1A/12V Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Buy CHT-LDOP-120-TO254-T now!
HTPLREG15TC 0.5A/15V Positive Linear Regulator CHT-LDOP-150-TO254-T 1A/15V Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Buy CHT-LDOP-150-TO254-T now!
HTCCG Crystal Clock Generator CHT-PUL9560A-TDFP16-T Versatile crystal clock generator Buy CHT-PUL9560A-TDFP16-T now!
HTNFET 1A/60V N-Channel FET (Power Package) CHT-NMOS8005-TO254-T 5A/80V Power NMOS Buy CHT-NMOS8005-TO254-T now!
HTNFET 1A/60V N-Channel FET (DIL14) CHT-PLA4091A-TDFP16-T 1A/80V compact NMOS Buy CHT-PLA4091A-TDFP16-T now!