Cissoid Voltage References & Regulators - HELIOS-LDNS





The CHT-LDNS is a Negative low-dropout linear voltage regulator. The output voltage can be chosen from a list of available values (see table below). CHT-LDNS is adapted to system with single or symmetrical power supply.

HELIOS-LDNS Typical Performances

Temperature range: -55°C to 225°C (operational up to 300°C)
Input Voltage: Vout - 2V to -30V
Maximum Output current: 1A
Total precision (absolute+drift): 2%
Short-Circuit protection: Foldback
Quiescent current: 3mA
Available packaging: TO-254

HELIOS-LDNS Applications & Application Notes

Power supplies for high-temperature electronic systems used in Well logging, Automotive, Aeronautics or Aerospace applications

  • Voltage regulator short-circuit protection and associated potential startup issue: AN-06002
  • Selecting correct CISSOID's regulator depending on application: AN-06016
  • Power Dissipation Considerations During Short Circuit Conditions:  AN-090477


HELIOS-LDNS Ordering Information

Family Name Cissoid Part# Output Voltage(V) Package Part Marking Datasheet Buy Now
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-025-TO254-T -2.5 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-025 Buy CHT-LDNS-025-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-033-TO254-T -3.3 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-033 Buy CHT-LDNS-033-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-050-TO254-T -5 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-050 Buy CHT-LDNS-050-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-055-TO254-T -5.5 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-055 Buy CHT-LDNS-055-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-090-TO254-T -9 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-090 Buy CHT-LDNS-090-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-100-TO254-T -10 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-100 Buy CHT-LDNS-100-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-120-TO254-T -12 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-120 Buy CHT-LDNS-120-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-130-TO254-T -13 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-130 Buy CHT-LDNS-130-TO254-T now!
HELIOS-LDNS CHT-LDNS-150-TO254-T -15 TO-254 CHT-LDNS-150 Buy CHT-LDNS-150-TO254-T now!