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The CMT-ANTARES is a fixed-voltage 5V linear voltage regulator ruggedized for high reliability and high temperature automotive and industrial applications. CMT-ANTARES delivers up to 200mA to the output load from input voltages between 5.5V and 30V. The output voltage is stabilized to 5V +/- 5% including all possible variations: initial accuracy, temperature changes from -55°C up to 175°C (Tj), line and load regulations

Cissoid CMT-ANTARES Typical Performances

Temperature range: -55°C to 175°C
Input Voltage: 5.5V to 30V
Output voltage: 5V
Maximum Output current: 200mA
Total precision (absolute + drift): +/-5%
Over-current limitation
Thermal protection: 260°C
Quiescent current: 1.3mA Typ.
Available packaging: TO-263

Cissoid CMT-ANTARES Applications & Application Notes

Power supplies for high-temperature electronic systems used in Well logging, Automotive, Aeronautics or Aerospace applications


Cissoid CMT-ANTARES Ordering Information

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CMT-ANTARES CMT-STA0389A-050-TO-263-T TDFP16 CHT-STA5602C Buy CMT-STA0389A-050-TO-263-T now!