CHT-HADES2P is a high-temperature, high-reliability single-chip primary side of a gate driver solution. It implements a current mode controlled DC-DC flyback converter for the generation of the on-board power supplies and the isolated data transmission from the external control interface to the 2 secondary sides and performs local fault management. This device has been designed in a way to reduce as much as possible the required number of external passive devices and to limit the requirement in high capacitor values (large footprint at high temperature). It features a UVLO monitoring on the incoming power supply, a linear voltage regulator to generate the local 5V supply voltage, and an on/off keying modulation of the data signal towards the secondary side. It offers a wide voltage range for the input PWM signals (5 to 15V) and hysteresis to enhance immunity to system noise; it also features a spike filtering function on those PWM signals to prevent spurious turn-on/turn-off of the secondary gate drivers.

CHT-HADES2P Typical Performances

Operating temperature: -55°C to +225°C
Supply voltage: 10-16.5V
Configurable Under-Voltage Lockout
Integrated flyback DC-DC converter
Configurable local non-overlap management

CHT-HADES2P Applications & Application Notes

Ideally suited for high reliability markets like automotive, aerospace, railway, Oil & Gas.
DC-DC converters and SMPS: battery chargers....
Inverters : Solar inverters, smart grid, EV and HEV, 3 phases inverter,...
Power conversion: uninterruptible power supplies, wind turbine...


CHT-HADES2P Ordering Information

Cissoid Part Number Ordering reference Package Marking Datasheet
CHT-TIT9687B-CQFP32-T CHT-TIT9687B-CQFP32-T Ceramic QFP32  CHT-TIT9687B
CHT-TIT968704-D-U CHT-TIT968704-D-U Potential Good Die -