100 KW - 350 KW + SiC Stacks

NAC has partnered with multiple manufacturers to offer SiC Mosfet Power Stack Kits allow for rapid proto - typing of the technology without major investments in time and engineering resources. NAC has a wide choice of SiC modules combined with an integrated Bus / DC Link Capacitor that provides a very high Ampere per micro - Farad rating, enabling the smallest possible capacitance while simultaneously minimizing the commutation loop induction. While NAC’s SiC Stacks with Cooling allow customers to choose from a range of standard options, NAC can also fully assist with customer solutions to meet your product requirements. Please contact us for further details.

SanRex SiC Mosfet Power Stack

Up to 200 W

  • Max Output 300A/Module
  • Low Stray Inductance
  • 430 uF optimized DC Link Capacitor & Integrated busbar
  • Cooler Heatsink
  • Complete IPM in development

Cissoid 350KW Inverter


  • 350 A - 550 A 6 - Pack SiC Module
  • SiC Driver
  • Cooler Heatsink
  • Choice of optimized DC Link Capacitors with Integrated Busbar
  • Optional Control Board & Software

Microchip SiC Power Stack

Microchip SiC Power Stack

  • 3 x Halfbridge 1200 V / 1700 V
  • 450-750A SiC Power Modules
  • SiC Module Gate Drivers
  • Low Inductance Bus
  • Choice of optimized low ESL / ESR DC Link Capacitors
  • Cooler Heatsink

Additional Options:

Quotes for Individual Components also available.

Application Support Contact: Cliff Robins