NAND based MCP

Multi-Chip Package (MCP) memory product family consists of a 1.8V NAND Flash Memory device combined with a 1.8V Low Power SDRAM device in one package to provide the most space effective solution for saving area on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This benefit becomes more critical in small PCBs for modules and space critical designs particularly for mobile and portable applications.

Winbond Part Memory Combination Ball Package Size Density Flash Density DRAM I/O Bus Flash I/O Bus DRAM DRAM Type Packages
W71NW20GF3FW  NAND + LPDDR2  162  8x10.5x1.0  2Gb  1Gb  8  32  LPDDR2  8x10.5x1.0
W71NW11HC1DW  NAND + LPDDR  130  8x9x1.0  1Gb  512Mb  16  16  LPDDR1  8x9x1.0
W71NW11GF1EW  NAND + LPDDR2  121  8x8x0.8  1Gb  1Gb  16  16  LPDDR2  8x8x0.8
W71NW11GE1EW  NAND + LPDDR2  121  8x8x0.8  1Gb  512Mb  16  16  LPDDR2  8x8x0.8
W71NW10GF3FW  NAND + LPDDR2  162  8x10.5x1.0  1Gb  1Gb  8  32  LPDDR2  8x10.5x1.0
W71NW10GE3FW  NAND + LPDDR2  162  8x10.5x1.0  1Gb  512Mb  8  32  LPDDR2  8x10.5x1.0