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Torex Semiconductor

As a Torex Semiconductor’s distributor, NAC offers Torex’s full offering of Power ICs, Voltage Regulators, Temperature & Magnetic Sensors.

Torex is an analog CMOS professional group that specializes in power ICs. TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD was registered and founded in Okayama Japan Head office established in Tokyo in March, 1995.Torex responded quickly to the development needs of electronic devices, which never ceased to become smaller and lighter. The size may be ultra-small, but the impact is unlimited. From familiar mobile devices such as smartphones, digital cameras and computers, to in-vehicle systems such as car navigation, ETC in-vehicle devices and power windows, and even industrial equipment such as robots, the performance of Torex’s products have a reputation for excellence in every field.

Torex Semi Products

DC/DC Converters

Convert a voltage efficiently. Offering step-up, step-down and step-up/down voltage converter ICs for various switching types.

Torex XDL602 DC-DC Converter


Shottky barrier diodes with low forward voltage drop. Zener diodes that make a constant voltage by using a breakdown voltage. Switching diodes with fast reverse recovery. Bridge diodes with built-in four rectifier diodes that convert an alternating current (AC) input into a direct current (DC) output. Fast recovery diodes with short reverse recovery time (trr) with PN junction is suitable for rectification of power supply.

Torex XBS203V19R Schottky Barrier Diode

Voltage Detectors

Reset ICs for high-accuracy monitoring of power supply lines and CLKs. Offering products with adjustable delay time or watchdog function.

Torex XC6129 Voltage Detector

Voltage Regulators

Supplying stable voltage to devices through a lineup ranging from low-consumption devices to high-speed. Offering single/dual output channel and voltage detect type.

Torex XC6421 Voltage Regulator

Battery Charge ICs

High-precision linear charge control ICs for single-cell lithium-ion/lithium polymer batteries.

Torex XC6805 Linear Charger IC

Charge Pump ICs

Provide inverted voltage or double step-up voltage with only 2 external capacitors connected.

Torex XC9801 Step-Up Charge Pump IC

Hall ICs (Magnetic Sensors)

High-precision linear charge control ICs.

Torex XC3202 Hall IC Magnetic Sensor

LED Lightning Drivers

Dedicated ICs for LED lighting equipment, including LED light bulbs, straight tube lights and lanterns.

Torex XC9401 LED Controller for Lighting

Load Switches

High-speed, high-side switch ICs with various protection circuits and additional functions.

Torex XC8107 P-Channel MOSFET Power Switch

PLL Clock Generator ICs

Compact PLL clock generator ICs with built-in divider and multiplier circuits.

Torex XC25BS7 PLL Clock Generator IC.jpg


Offering low on-resistance, ultrahigh-speed switching characteristics and high-density packaging.

Torex XP232N0301TR N-Channel MOSFET

Push-Button Controllers

Supply a reboot signal to the system by pushing a button for a set time.

Torex XC6192 Push Button Controller

Temperature Sensors

Temperature detection for temperature changes and linear voltage outputs related to rises in temperature.

Torex XC3101 Analog Output Temperature Sensor.jpg

Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)

Divert or shunt voltage spikes from a circuit to protect that circuit. Offering unidirectional, bidirectional and array specification TVS diodes.

Torex XBP141P TVS Diode Array