Opto 22

As a Opto 22 distributor, NAC offers Opto 22’s full offerings of controllers, I/O, solid-state relays and software products that link electrical, mechanical and electronic devices to networks and computers.

Established in 1974 in Temecula, CA…Opto 22 introduced a complete line of optically isolated solid-state relays (SSRs) for the Component OEM market. The manufacturing technique, developed by Opto22, used liquid epoxy fill and greatly increased the reliability and reduced the cost of volume production. Opto22 quickly became, and remains today, the world's leading manufacturer of SSRs.

In 1978, Opto 22 created the first generation of digital I/O modules with plug-in racks for microprocessor-based control. This quickly became the world standard form factor for I/O and created the component market for computer-based I/O. The red-black-yellow-white color-coding scheme Opto22 designed remains the standard today.

In 1983, Opto 22 introduced PC-based control with a complete line of drivers and adapter cards for the PC. This facilitated the development of the first control applications using compiled and interpreted PC-based programming languages, and established the foundation for the PC-based control and data acquisition markets that are predominant today.

Also in 1983, Opto 22 created the first optically isolated analog I/O modules with intelligent racks, marking the beginning of a new era in computer-based automation.

Application Areas

Industrial Automation
Process control
Discrete manufacturing
Machine builders
Utility automation
Building automation
Oil & Pipleline
Information Technology
Telecom monitoring
Power monitoring
Data centers
Retail outlets
Commercial buildings
Convenience stores
Sustainability reporting

Core Competencies

Industrial automation: data acquisition, process control, SCADA.
Information technology: remote monitor, connectivity, data collection.

Main Products

OptoEMU System
Solid State Relays and Dimmers
PC-Based I/O