As a Mornsun distributor, NAC supplies Mornsun AC-DC, DC-DC, and other Mornsun specialty power products. One of the world leaders in this technology, Mornsun's sole focus is supplying quality and cost-effective power products.

NAC has been a close partner to Mornsun for many years and will always provide the best local support for North and South America markets.

Mornsun specializes in magnetic-electric isolation technology and application of products, release high-quality products, including AC/DC, DC/DC, Isolator, IGBT driver, LED driver, etc, most series are fully UL/CE safety approved. Mornsun is the first power supplier companies who simultaneously get quality management system certification ISO9001:2008, Environmental management system certification ISO14001 & occupational health and safety management system certification OHSMS18001. Our products are sold all over the world and warmly welcomed by our customers, including GE, SIEMENS, Honeywell and Emerson.

Mornsun Products

AC/DC Converters
AC-DC Power Supply
DC/DC Converters
DC-DC Power Supply
Enclosed Switching Power Suppliers
AC-DC Switching Power Supply
IC Product Line
AC/DC & DC/DC Transformers
Transceiver Modules
Transceiver Modules
IGBT Drivers
IGBT Driver
Isolation Amplifiers
Isolation Amplifier

Products For Medical Devices

View Diagram of Ventilator Control System

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