Microchip SX-A


Microsemi SX-A devices can match the speed and performance of an ASIC. SX-A devices can be used to generate system-wide savings by integrating multiple functions into a low-cost, single-chip solution. Providing a combination of performance, security, and low power, SX-A decreases the premium for performance while providing a solution highly secure from reverse engineering. 12,000 to 108,000 usable system gates 350 MHz internal clock frequency 66 MHz, 64-bit 3.3 V / 5.0 V PCI performance (supporting Target, Master and Master/Target) 2.5 V, 3.3 V, and 5.0 V mixed-voltage support 100% resource utilization with 100% pin locking Available in military and automotive temperature grades SX devices have been classified as a "legacy" device. For more information, visit the Legacy & Discontinued Antifuse FPGAs page.

Microchip Series Package Type Package Carrier Datasheet
Microchip Series Package Type Package Carrier Datasheet
5962-0054301QXC 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
5962-0054301QYC 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
5962-0054302QXC 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
5962-0054302QYC 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
5962-0151801QXC 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
5962-0151801QYC 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
5962-0151801QZC 684 CQFP 16x16 Box
5962-0151802QXC 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
5962-0151802QYC 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX08A-1TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-1TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-1TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-1TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-FTQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-FTQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-TQG100A 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-TQG144A 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-1PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-1PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-1PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQG100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQG144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-2PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-2PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-FPQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-FTQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-FTQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-PQG208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG100A 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG144A 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-TQG144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-1BG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-1BG329I 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-1BG329M 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-1BGG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-1BGG329I 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-1BGG329M 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-1CQ208 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ208B 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ256 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ256B 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ256M 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ84 684 CQFP 16x16 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ84B 684 CQFP 16x16 Box
A54SX32A-1CQ84M 684 CQFP 16x16 Box
A54SX32A-1FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-1PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-1PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-1PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-2BG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-2BG329I 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-2BGG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-2BGG329I 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-2FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-2FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-2FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-2FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-2FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-2FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-2PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-2PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-BG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-BG329I 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-BG329M 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-BGG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-BGG329I 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-BGG329M 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-CQ208 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX32A-CQ208B 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX32A-CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX32A-CQ256 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX32A-CQ256B 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX32A-CQ256M 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX32A-CQ84 684 CQFP 16x16 Box
A54SX32A-CQ84B 684 CQFP 16x16 Box
A54SX32A-CQ84M 684 CQFP 16x16 Box
A54SX32A-FBG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-FBGG329 329 BGA 31x31 Tray
A54SX32A-FFG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FFG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FFGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FFGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FG256A 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG256A 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FPQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-FTQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-FTQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-PQG208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG100A 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG144A 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX72A-1CQ208 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX72A-1CQ208B 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX72A-1CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX72A-1CQ256 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX72A-1CQ256B 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX72A-1CQ256M 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX72A-1FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-1FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-1FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-1FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-1FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-1FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-1FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-1FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-1FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-1FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-1FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-1FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-1PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-1PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-1PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-2FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-2FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-2FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-2FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-2FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-2FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-2FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-2FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-2PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-2PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-CQ208 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX72A-CQ208B 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX72A-CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A54SX72A-CQ256 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX72A-CQ256B 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX72A-CQ256M 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
A54SX72A-FFG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FFG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FFGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FFGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FG256A 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FG484A 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG256A 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG484A 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX72A-FPQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQG208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-1FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-1FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-1FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-1FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-1FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-1PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-1PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-1PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-1PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-1TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-1TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-1TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-1TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-2FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-2FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-2FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-2FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-2PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-2PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-2PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-2PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-2TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-FFG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FFGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FG144A 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FGG144A 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX08A-FPQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-FPQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-FTQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-FTQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-PQ208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-PQG208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX08A-TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-TQ100A 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX08A-TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-TQ144A 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX08A-TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-1FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-1FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-1FG144M 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-1FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-1FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-1FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-1FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-1FGG144M 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-1FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-1FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-1FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-1PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-1PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-1PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQ100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-1TQ144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-2FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-2FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-2FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-2FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-2FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-2FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-2FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-2FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-2PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-2PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-2TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-FFG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FFG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FFGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FFGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FG144A 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FG144M 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FG256A 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG144A 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG144M 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG256A 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
A54SX16A-FPQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-FTQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-FTQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-PQ208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ100A 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ144A 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX16A-TQ144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-1FG144M 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG144M 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-1FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-1PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-1PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-1PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQ100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQ144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG176 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG176I 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-1TQG176M 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-2FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-2FG144I 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-2FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-2FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-2FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-2FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-2PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-2PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQG176 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-2TQG176I 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-FFG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FFGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FG144 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FG144A 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FG144M 144 VFPGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG144 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG144A 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG144I 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG144M 144 FBGA 13x13 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
A54SX32A-FPQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-FTQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-FTQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-FTQG176 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-PQ208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ100 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ100A 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ100I 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ100M 100 TQFP 14x14 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ144 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ144A 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ144I 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-TQ144M 144 TQFP 20x20 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG176 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG176I 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX32A-TQG176M 176 TQFP 24x24 Tray
A54SX72A-1PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-1PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-1PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-2PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-2PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-FPQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQ208A 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
A54SX72A-PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray