Microchip MX


Featuring very low power consumption and the industry's highest design security, MX FPGAs offer designers a reliable, single-chip ASIC alternative. Providing an efficient, flexible 5.0 V architecture, MX is an ideal platform for integrating your legacy PLDs into a single, low-cost device. MX is a high-volume platform that enables solutions without compromising on cost and time.

Key Features
High-performance mixed-voltage solution
PCI compliant
Contains embedded dual-port SRAM modules
Available in military and automotive temperature grades

Microchip Series Package Type Package Carrier Datasheet
Microchip Series Package Type Package Carrier Datasheet
5962-9958501QXC 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
5962-9958501QYC 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
5962-9958502QXC 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
5962-9958502QYC 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
A40MX02-1PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-1PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-1PLG44M 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-1PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-1PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-1PLG68M 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-1PQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-1PQG100I 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-1PQG100M 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-1VQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-1VQG80I 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-1VQG80M 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-2PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-2PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-2PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-2PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-2PQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-2PQG100I 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-2VQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-2VQG80I 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-3PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-3PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-3PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-3PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-3PQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-3PQG100I 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-3VQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-3VQG80I 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-FPLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-FPLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-FPQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-FVQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-PLG44M 44 PLCC Box
A40MX02-PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-PLG68A 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-PLG68M 68 PLCC Box
A40MX02-PQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-PQG100A 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-PQG100I 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-PQG100M 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX02-VQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-VQG80A 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-VQG80I 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX02-VQG80M 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-1PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG44M 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG68M 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG84 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG84I 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PLG84M 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-1PQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-1PQG100I 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-1PQG100M 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-1VQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-1VQG80I 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-1VQG80M 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-2PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-2PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-2PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-2PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-2PLG84 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-2PLG84I 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-2PQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-2PQG100I 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-2VQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-2VQG80I 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-3PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-3PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-3PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-3PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-3PLG84 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-3PLG84I 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-3PQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-3PQG100I 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-3VQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-3VQG80I 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-FPLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-FPLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-FPLG84 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-FPQG100 100 PQFP 14x20 Tray
A40MX04-FVQG80 80 VQFP 14x14 Tray
A40MX04-PLG44 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG44I 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG44M 44 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG68 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG68I 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG68M 68 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG84 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG84A 84 PLCC Box
A40MX04-PLG84I 84 PLCC Box