Microchip Interface and Connectivity

Interface and Connectivity

From supporting sophisticated connectivity protocols to offering simpler interface options, our comprehensive solutions enable you to develop robust and highly reliable embedded systems.

CAN Transceiver
CAN PN Transceiver
CAN Controller
CAN Controller with Integrated Transceiver
CAN I/O Expander


LIN Transceiver
LIN Transceiver with Vreg
LIN Transceiver with Vreg and Relay Driver
LIN Transceiver wtih Vreg and Watchdog
LIN System-in-Package (SiP)

Serial Peripherals
Serial Peripherals

USB Interface
USB Hubs
USB Bridges
USB Switches and Transceivers
USB Graphics
USB Port Power Cntlr

Line Circuits
Line Circuits

Line Drivers
Line Drivers