Microchip Axcelerator


The latest antifuse FPGA family offered by Microsemi, Axcelerator® offers high performance and unprecedented design security at densities of up to 2 million equivalent system gates. Utilizing the Microsemi AX architecture, Axcelerator devices have several system-level features, such as embedded SRAM (with embedded FIFO control logic), PLLs, segmentable clocks, chip-wide highway routing, and carry logic. Based upon 0.15 µm, seven-layers-of-metal CMOS antifuse process technology, Axcelerator devices offer a level of performance previously only available in ASIC technology.

Key Features
350 MHz system performance
500+ MHz internal performance
500+ MHz embedded FIFOs
PLL output up to 1 GHz and 8 PLLs per device
6 levels of logic at 156+ MHz
1.5 V, 1.8 V, 2.5 V, and 3.3 V mixed-voltage operation
8 I/O banks per device
8 global clocks per device
4.5 kbits variable-aspect RAM blocks with built-in FIFO control
Intelligent low power operation
Secure programming technology prevents reverse engineering and design theft
Available in military temperature grades

Target Applications
Consumer: Smartphones, GPS, high-end digital cameras, PDA, wireless gadgets, portable media players
Industrial: Point of sale, scanners, portable printers, RFID readers, portable radios, portable test and measurement equipment
Medical: Dental, medical instrumentation, defibrillators, insulin pump
Automotive: Car RF tag, instrumentation controls
Computing: Modules for laptops, PCMCIA cards
Telecomm: Wired and wireless electronics with high performance requirements
Military/Aerosoace: Flight computers, mission computers, weapon systems, radar control systems

Microchip Series Package Type Package Carrier Datahseet
Microchip Series Package Type Package Carrier Datahseet
AX1000-1BG729 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-1BG729I 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-1BG729M 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-1BGG729 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-1BGG729I 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-1BGG729M 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-1CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX1000-1FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FG676M 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-1FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FGG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FGG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FGG676M 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-1FGG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-1LG624M 624 CLGA 32x32 Box
AX1000-2BG729 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-2BG729I 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-2BGG729 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-2BGG729I 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-2FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-2FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-2FG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-2FG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-2FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-2FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-2FGG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-2FGG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-BG729 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-BG729I 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-BG729M 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-BGG729 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-BGG729I 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-BGG729M 729 BGA 35x35 Tray
AX1000-CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX1000-FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FG676M 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FGG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FGG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FGG676M 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX1000-FGG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-LG624M 624 CLGA 32x32 Box
AX2000-1CGS624M 624 CCGA 32x32 Box
AX2000-1CQ256M 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
AX2000-1CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX2000-1FG1152I 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-1FG1152M 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
aX2000-1FG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-1FG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-1FG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-1FGG1152I 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-1FGG1152M 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-1FGG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-1FGG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-1FGG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-1LG624M 624 CLGA 32x32 Box
AX2000-2FG1152I 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-2FG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-2FG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-2FGG1152I 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-2FGG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-2FGG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-CGS624M 624 CCGA 32x32 Box
AX2000-CQ256M 256 CQFP 36x36 Box
AX2000-CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX2000-FG1152M 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-FG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-FG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-FG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-FGG1152I 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-FGG1152M 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-FGG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-FGG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-FGG896M 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX2000-LG624M 624 CLGA 32x32 Box
AX250-1CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
AX250-1CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX250-1FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-1FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-1FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-1FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-1FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-1FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-1FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-1FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-1FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-1FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-1FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-1FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-1PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-2FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-2FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-2FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-2FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-2FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-2FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-2FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-2FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
AX250-CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX250-FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-FG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-FGG256M 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX250-FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX250-PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-1CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
AX500-1FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FG676M 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FGG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FGG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1FGG676M 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-1PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-1PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-1PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-2FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2FG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2FG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2FGG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2FGG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-2PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-2PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-CQ208M 208 CQFP 29x29 Box
AX500-FG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FG676M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FGG484 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FGG484I 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FGG484M 484 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FGG676 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FGG676I 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-FGG676M 676 FBGA 27x27 Tray
AX500-PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-PQG208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX1000-1CGS624M 624 CCGA 32x32 Box
AX1000-1FG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-1FG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-1FGG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-1FGG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-2FG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-2FG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-2FGG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-2FGG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-CGS624M 624 CCGA 32x32 Box
AX1000-FG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-FG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-FGG896 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX1000-FGG896I 896 FBGA 31x31 Tray
AX125-1FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-1FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-1FG324 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-1FG324I 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-1FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-1FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-1FGG324 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-1FGG324I 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-2FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-2FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-2FG324 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-2FG324I 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-2FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-2FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-2FGG324 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-2FGG324I 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-FG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-FG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-FG324 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-FG324I 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-FGG256 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-FGG256I 256 FBGA 17x17 Tray
AX125-FGG324 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX125-FGG324I 324 FBGA 19x19 Tray
AX2000-1FG1152 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-1FGG1152 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-2FG1152 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-2FGG1152 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-FG1152 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-FG1152I 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX2000-FGG1152 1152 FBGA 35x35 Tray
AX250-1PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-1PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-1PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-1PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-1PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-2PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-2PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-2PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-2PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-PQG208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX250-PQG208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-1CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX500-1PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-1PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-1PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-2PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-2PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-CQ352M 352 CQFP 48x48 Box
AX500-PQ208 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-PQ208I 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray
AX500-PQ208M 208 PQFP 28x28 Tray