As a distributor for Hi-Flying, NAC offers chip and module solutions to aid in the market of internet of things & machine to machine communication & networking.

Shanghai High-Flying Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, is a registered Self-Owned Brand. Shanghai High-Flying Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, found in Oct 2011, is a high-tech manufacturer specialized in IoT communication domain who designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells and provide total IoT solution (Cloud Servers and APP) to customer. From the system chip、IoT module、network device、application software、 enterprise cloud service to the APP terminal application of all independent technology platform, High Flying become the most cost-effective provider of the whole industry chain intelligent hardware.

Hi-Flying focus on the field of Internet of Things communications,From the IoT module and network device, Hi-Flying provides full software customization and secondary development service to customer, finish customized firmware development or connect to dedicated cloud service. We accept ODM service to help customer finish End-to-End whole product design work, Promote to quickly realize YOUR Time-To-Market dream! Hi-Flying is oriented in the Internet of things software service providers, which assume a large number of chip companies, Internet cloud services companies, hardware equipment companies do notWilling to invest in the development of software middleware business; hardware modules and equipment as a carrier of software outsourcing services.

Hi-Flying target to become a CONNECTER, we link traditional hardware product maker to IoT service provider or operator. we have experienced engineering design and support team to help you familiar with our product and speed up your development cycle.

IoT Devices

Hi-Flying provides high reliability networking devices that are easy to operate, provide expert level total solution with zero threshold to help enterprises achieve all things interconnected. Hi-Flying devices are actively used in industrial 4.0 intelligent transformation, intelligent monitoring & security, other intelligent device networking fields.

Ethernet IoT
  • FreeRTOS Embedded Network Devices: EPORT-E20 , EPORT-E20-PIN , EPORT-E30
  • Linux Embedded Network Devices: EPORT PRO-EP20-PIN , EPORT PRO-EP20
  • Ethernet Serial Server: HF5111A , HF5111B
  • Multiple Port Ethernet Serial Server: HF5142A , HF5142B
WiFi IoT
  • Wi-Fi Serial Modules: WPORT-W10 , WPORT-W20
  • Wi-Fi Serial Server: HF2211 , DTU-H100
  • Multiple Port Wi-Fi Serial Server: HF2221
  • Wifi router (rail): HF8104W
  • GPRS+GPS DTU Module: GPORT-G12
  • GPRS Serial Module: GPORT-G10 , GPORT-G11
  • GPRS Serial Server: HF2111 , HF2121E
  • Rail GPRS Serial Server: HF8101
4G IoT
  • 4G Serial Module: GPORT-G40
  • 4G Serial Server: HF2421
  • Rail 4G Router: HF8104
NB-IoT Module
  • NB-IoT Module: NPORT-N10
  • LoRa Module: LPORT-L10
IO Control
  • GPRS IO: HF6108
  • WiFi IO: HF6208
  • Ethernet IO: HF6508

IoT Modules

Hi-Flying provides cost effective embedded wireless networking module with flexible hardware and software customization service on an open platform to support a variety of cloud services. Hi-Flying devices have been widely used in smart home appliances, industrial control, health care, and intelligent home applications.

High Performance WiFi
  • SMT Package: HF-A11-SMT , HF-A21-SMT
  • DIP Package: HF-A11 , HF-A12 , HF-A21
Low Power WiFi
  • SMT Package: HF-LPB100 , HF-LPB120 , HF-LPB130
  • Small SMT Package: HF-LPT200 , HF-LPT220 , HF-LPT230, HF-LPT330
  • Small DIP Package: HF-LPT130A , HF-LPB135 , HF-LPT120A , HF-LPT120 , HF-LPB300 , HF-LPT120G , HF-LPT100 , HF-LPT100F
  • 5V Power: HF-LPB105 , HF-LPB125
  • System in Package: HF-SIP120
DuerOS Intelligent Voice
  • Wi-Fi+BT Single MIC: HF-LPB200U
BLE Module
  • BLE Patch package: HF-BL200 , HF-BL200A