As a Dinkle distributor, NAC offers customers high quality terminal block and interconnect solutions.

Dinkle is the No.1 brand of terminal blocks manufactured in Asia. Its 9 factories in China provides professional product and tool design, metal stamping, plastic injection and molding, plating & surfacing treatments for their extraordinary terminal blocks. Dinkle has established a basis of organizational structure through a continuing effort to improve the quality of terminal blocks they produce. In addition to demonstrating unlimited potential in the industry, Dinkle also responds to the growing demands of the market by crossing into new domains and making new developments, such as applications of magnetic materials and LED illumination.

Terminal Block Products


The terminal block can be soldered directly onto a PCB, which uses the blocks to connect to the remaining circuit for signal transmission.


Depending on the application, different plugs at various angles are available for making connections.

Panel Mount

Using a simple method of fixation, the terminal blocks can be mounted on top of another product, with clips(springs) or screws holding the wires in place so that both internal and external parts of the product can be used for signal transmission.

DIN Rail

Terminal blocks with tracks can be fixed on standard DIN matching tracks, such as the U-shaped and G-shaped rails. Using the DIN railto fasten the terminal block in place can facilitate signal transmission via the connected wires.


By using reliable springs, the wires can be held in place so that they are easy to use, resistant to vibration, resistant to loosening, and long-lasting. It is a simple matter of wedging a screwdriver into the appropriate indentation hole to easily pry it open and insert the wire. Once the wires are in place, remove the screwdriver and the spring will snap back to tightly hold the wires in place.


These types are most commonly used for power supply, industrial control, products related to information technology, and home appliances.