Asix Electronics I/O Connectivity ICs - PCIe Bridge

The PCIe bridge series, AX99100/MCS99xx, provide a single-chip, PCI Express x1 (single-lane) to a peripheral controller with support for single and multi-port Serial, Parallel, LB/ISA-Like, SPI, ISA and USB interfaces. PCIe is an interconnection system based on the PCI standard connecting a microprocessor to attached devices for high-speed operation. The electrical and mechanical interfaces of PCIe are not compatible with the PCI bus interface. This bus also provides a high-speed 2.5GBs data rate.

Fig 1 PCIe Connectivity Solutions

PCIe Bridge Ordering Information

Part No. Local Bus Serial Parallel USB 2.0 Host Other Interfaces Temp Range Cascade Package Purchase
AX99100QF PCIe 2.0 Gen 1 2/4-port 1-port - ISA-LIKE, SPI 0 to +70C - QFN-68 Buy AX99100QF now!
MCS9900CV-AA PCIe 1.1 2/4-port 1-port - - 0 to +70C v LQFP-128 Buy MCS9900CV-AA now!
MCS9901CV-CC PCIe 1.1 2-port 1-port - - 0 to +70C v LQFP-128 Buy MCS9901CV-CC now!
MCS9904CV-AA PCIe 1.1 4-port - - - 0 to +70C v LQFP-128 Buy MCS9904CV-AA now!
MCS9922CV-AA PCIe 1.1 2-port - - - 0 to +70C v LQFP-128 Buy MCS9922CV-AA now!
MCS9990CV-AA PCIe 1.1 - - 4-port ISA 0 to +70C - LQFP-128 Buy MCS9990CV-AA now!
MCS9990IV-AA PCIe 1.1 - - 4-port ISA -40C to +85C - LQFP-128 Buy MCS9990IV-AA now!