Asix Electronics I/O Connectivity ICs - PCI Bridge

The PCI bridge series, MCS98xx, provide OEMs low cost solutions for developing products that bring single and multi-port Parallel, Serial and ISA devices to the market place. PCI is an interconnection system between a microprocessor and attached devices. The MCS98xx supports 3.3/5V PCI bus signaling specifications at full 33 MHz clock speed and allows direct interface to the system bus, delivering a significant reduction in board space requirements.

Fig 1 PCI Connectivity Solutions

PCIe Bridge

Part No. Local Bus Serial Parallel ISA Temp Range Expansion Package Purchase
MCS9865IV-AA PCIe 2.3 2-port 1/2-port 1-port -40 to +85C Through ISA LQFP-128 Buy MCS9865IV-AA now!
MCS9845CV-BA PCIe 2.3 2-port - 1-port 0 to +70C Through ISA QFP-128 Buy MCS9845CV-BA now!
MCS9835CV-BA PCIe 2.3 2-port 1-port - 0 to +70C - QFP-128 Buy MCS9835CV-BA now!
MCS9815CV-BA PCIe 2.3 - 2-port - 0 to +70C - QFP-128 Buy MCS9815CV-BA now!
MCS9805CV-BA PCIe 2.3 - 1-port - 0 to +70C - QFP-128 Buy MCS9805CV-BA now!