AX88179QF Recommended Associated Products

AX88179 is the world's first USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet controller which integrates USB 3.0 PHY and 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHY in a single chip. The AX88179 is the latest addition to ASIX's USB-to-LAN product portfolio, providing a small form factor solution and plug-and-play usability, enabling embedded system designers to deliver Gigabit Ethernet connectivity while leveraging the growth and speed of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed technology.

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AX88179QF USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet Controller Buy AX88179QF now!

NAC is pleased to offer the below products that work in association with the Asix AX88179QF. We have included the quantity required per board for reference to assist you while ordering. There may be other devices which NAC doesn’t offer from its product portfolio. If you should need any further assistance or have additional questions, please email us at or call 866-651-2901

AX88178AQF Detailed Recommended Associated Products

Mfr Name Mfr Part# Description Qty per board Datasheet Purchase
HK Crystal HKC3225SX-25MHz-26593-R4V1 3225 Ceramic SMD Crystal 25Mhz 12pF 1 Buy HKC3225SX-25MHz-26593-R4V1 now!
Link-PP LPJG0801BBNL RJ45 1000 Base-T Magnetic with LEDs 1 Buy LPJG0801BBNL  now!
Giantec GT25C04-2ZLI-TR 4K SPI EEPROM 512x8 TSSOP 1 Buy GT25C04-2GLI-TR  now!
Stackpole RMCF0402ZT0R00 0402 SMD Thick Film 0 Ohm 0.063W 2 Buy RMCF0402ZT0R00 now!
Stackpole RMCF0402JT33R0 0402 SMD Thick Film 33 Ohm 0.063W 1 Buy RMCF0402JT33R0 now!
Stackpole RMCF0402JT22R0 0402 SMD Thick Film 22 Ohm 0.063W 1 Buy RMCF0402JT22R0 now!
Stackpole RMCF0402JT200R 0402 SMD Thick Film 200 Ohm 0.063W 1 Buy RMCF0402JT200R  now!
Stackpole RMCF0402JT330R 0402 SMD Thick Film 330 Ohm 0.063W 3 Buy RMCF0402JT330R  now!
Stackpole RMCF0402FT4K70 0402 SMD Thick Film 4.7K Ohm 0.063W 6 Buy RMCF0402FT4K70  now!
Stackpole RMCF0402FT220K 0402 SMD Thick Film 220K Ohm 0.063W 2 Buy RMCF0402FT220K  now!
Stackpole RMCF0402FT100K 0402 SMD Thick Film 100K Ohm 0.063W 1 Buy RMCF0402FT100K  now!
Stackpole RMCF0402FT453K 0402 SMD Thick Film 453K Ohm 0.063W 1 Buy RMCF0402FT453K  now!
Stackpole RMCF0402JT1M00 0402 SMD Thick Film 1M Ohm 0.063W 2 Buy RMCF0402JT1M00  now!