Asix Electronics Embedded Network/USB SoCs

Embedded Wi-Fi SoC

This solution is those micro-controllers, which already integrate both Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivities, the so-called single chip SoC solution. The AX110xx family is the world's first high-performance 8-bit microcontroller to deliver the 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY, the TCP/IP accelerator, and the flash memory in a single chip. With this highly integrated system-on-a-chip solution, the AX110xx family provides a very small form-factor solution to enable embedded system designers to design compact, low-power, high-performance, yet low-cost, embedded and industrial Ethernet applications for the growing embedded networking markets.

Fig 1 Network MCU Connecting Directly to the Internet

Embedded Wi-Fi SoC Ordering Information

Part No. Embedded Flash (bytes) Embedded Data RAM (bytes) 802.11a/b/g WLAN MAC/Baseband Ethernet MAC (Mbps) Ethernet MAC Interface Package Temp Range Purchase
AX22001LF 1M 64K Y 10/100 (Rev-)MII/(Rev-)RMII LQFP-128 0 ~ +70C Buy AX22001LF now!

Embedded Ethernet SoC

There is a growing need to add wireless network connectivity into embedded systems, such as adding remote control capability to embedded devices and enabling user's smartphone to take control over Wi-Fi. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) communications will be the primary market demand for the embedded networking system for the years to come.

The AX22001 is a single chip micro-controller with TCP/IP and 802.11 WLAN MAC/baseband. Leveraging prevalent Wi-Fi infrastructure in home and office environment, the new single-chip Wi-Fi SoC, AX22001, provides cost competitive wireless connectivity solution for bridging uncompressed digital audio data, compressed digital video data and serial/parallel user data through its versatile interfaces over the Wi-Fi network. This solution makes the devices very compact, and is suitable for home appliances, factory/building automation, industrial equipments, security systems, remote control/monitoring/management, and streaming media applications such as Wi-Fi speakers, Intelligent WLAN NIC, iPhone-controlled toys, POS terminals, vending machines, IP camera, Internet radio, automatic meter reading, environmental monitoring systems, network sensors, networked UPS, Serial(RS232/SPI) to Ethernet/Wi-Fi adapters, and Ethernet/Wi-Fi to ZigBee bridges, Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridges.

Fig 2 Wi-Fi MCU Connecting Directly to the Internet

Fig 3 AX22001 Application Diagram

Embedded Ethernet SoC Ordering Information

Part No. Embedded Flash (bytes) Embedded Data RAM (bytes) Ethernet MAC (Mbps), Auto-MDIX Package Temp Range Purchase
AX11001LF 128K 32K 10/100 LQFP-80 0 ~ +70C Buy AX11001 now!
AX11001LI 128K 32K 10/100 LQFP-80 -40 ~ +85C Buy AX11001LI now!
AX11005LF 512K 32K 10/100 LQFP-80 0 ~ +70C Buy AX11005LF now!
AX11005LI 512K 32K 10/100 LQFP-80 -40 ~ +85C Buy AX11005LI now!
AX11015LF 512K 32K 10/100 LQFP-80 0 ~ +70C Buy AX11015LF now!
AX11015LI 512K 32K 10/100 LQFP-80 -40 ~ +85C Buy AX11015LI now!